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Agriculture’s Contribution To Rural Developement

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Agriculture relates to the study of agricultural science where farming is done practically to fertilize soil for growing crops and keeping and caring of animals to produce more of a particular kind.  Thus agriculture takes active part in growth of the basic needs of man. Modern agriculture is being developed day by day by the use of modern technology of dairy science, management whether by crop or animal husbandry and that the whole agril produce is connected with marketing.  Though agriculture job is very hard work, people enjoy their work as farming describes their lifestyle. Farming communities are called as agrarian.

The density of population is rural areas is high. Agricultural sector is not given importance for profitability. The major part of the country is used for agriculture. Hence labour force increased in farming which lead to good progress in the economic activity. Rate of unemployment increased due to discouragement in Labour force. Here the farmers are doing the non-agricultural work to tie up the labour market by pressurizing the farm wages. Interconnection of rural is very important for rural development and population deficiency in India.

Agriculture plays a significant role in rural development. The main contribution of agriculture to rural development is by assisting the people to get job and give opportunities for the people to start a business who intends to give support to the primary activities of an organization. Economic and social infrastructure should be strengthened by farming.

Farming is the main economic activity in farm sector in rural areas.  Here the encouragement is given to the people who supports the primary activities who bring profitability in the economy. The entire rural economy, which includes the services of health care, education and basic needs depends on primary activities. This inspires for the rural development by both on-farm and non-farm activities. Under on-farm activities the farm employment should be maintained and effort have to be taken to strengthen the farm sector. The farmers have to manage their agricultural activities in such a way that the environmental services will be provided by them in times of natural disasters The non-farm activities includes the act of providing necessary services regarding health care, education and other  basic needs which depends on the level of economic activity and the size of population.  The basic physical and organizational structure will help to increase the competitive personality of the agricultural sector.

In spite of all the effort implemented in the rural sector, it has not developed fully. Farming should be given the opportunities to give importance for non-agricultural activities and thus rate of employment will increase. Further encouragement should be given to the people to maintain themselves at a certain level so that their standard of living will improve which can reduce the population rate.

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