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Top 3 Boarding Schools in Mangalore

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Mangalore is a coastal city in the state of Karnataka. It is a vibrant city known for its pristine beaches and cosmopolitan people.

Mangalore is a major port city of the country, handling a large chunk of the country’s exports. The city is also well connected by rail, road, and air.

Mangalore and the neighbouring Udupi district are educational hubs of the country. A number of well-established educational institutions have adorned the port town.

Students from all over the country and even outside of the country come to Mangalore to receive the best education.

To fulfill the needs of students who do not have a local arrangement to stay. Many educational institutes have boarding and residential facilities.

Below, we have enlisted some of the best residential schools in Mangalore.

The following list includes details of boarding schools in Mangalore with available facilities and amenities:

1. The Shakthi Residential School

Shakti residential school Mangalore - CollegeMarker

The Shakthi Residential School is regarded as one of the best boarding schools in Mangalore. It is managed by the Shakthi Education Trust.

The School was founded in the year 2015 and is a co-education school for both boys and girls. It has both, day scholar as well as residential facilities for students.

The Campus

The Shakthi Residential School is located in Shakti Nagar, Mangalore. It has a sprawling campus with modern facilities and amenities.

The school provides a scenic and serene ambiance which contributes to a conducive learning atmosphere.

The classrooms are spacious and well lit. The well-designed classrooms are bright and create a happy learning environment.

Shakthi Residential School has a well-stocked library with a wide variety of books, texts, and digital resources.

The School cafeteria provides nutritious and wholesome meals to students.

Being a residential school, state of the art hostel facilities is provided for students. The hostels are clean and hygienic.

The hostels are spacious with an individual cot and personal study desks. Students in the hostels are also provided storage and locker facilities.

The hostel is well connected with WiFi. Students have access to clean bathrooms and laundry facilities are available.

Hostel wardens supervise students and ensure discipline is maintained. Students have specific study and play timetables that are adhered to at all times.

The campus is fitted with surveillance cameras at all strategic points to ensure the safety of students at all times.

Shakthi residential school has a well-networked transport system with buses plying throughout the city. This makes it easier for students to travel to the campus.

The transport system has a GPRS tracking system and is monitored at all times by the school surveillance committee.

The school staff, faculty, bus drivers, and attendants are trained from time to time in order to keep up with the changing times.


The School follows the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and offers classes from Kindergarten to higher secondary level.

Shakthi residential school believes in a holistic approach for the overall development of students. A series of co-curricular activities form an integral part of the school curriculum.

The school has state of the art sports facilities and a multipurpose playground.

Age criteria for students for Grade 1 is 5 years 5 months as on 31st May.

The school admission form and brochure may be downloaded online here.

For more details about Shakthi Residential School visit their official website.

2. Sharada Vidyanikethana Public School

sharada vidyaniketan kinya - CollegeMarker

Located in Talapady, Mangalore, Sharada Vidyanikethana is a residential school catering to students from all over the country.

The school was founded by the Tulunadu Education Trust in the year 2006 and since then the school has brought many laurels to the state and country.

The Campus

Sharada Vidyanikethana School is situated in a serene and large campus away from the bustling city. The campus is designed in such a way that it maximises student’s potential and contributes to their holistic development.

The classrooms are well ventilated and digitally equipped. The state of the art science laboratories are scientifically designed and monitored by teachers at all times.

The school has a computer lab with modern facilities, WiFi connections, and the latest software.

The school library is known for its stock of a wide variety of books, reference material, and journals.

Sharada Vidyanikethana has state of the art sports facilities within the campus thereby contributing and encouraging the physical and mental development of students.

The school hosts a semi-Olympic sized pool and encourages students to learn life skills.

Sharada vidyanikethan Talapady, is a residential school catering to the needs of students from all over the world. The residential campus is open to students from grades 5 to 12.

The campus has five independent hostel wings with independent buildings for boys and girls. The hostels are monitored at all times by qualified wardens.

Discipline is given utmost importance at Sharada Vidynikethana. Students are trained to keep the surroundings and hostel rooms clean at all times.

The school has a large kitchen and dining area. Wholesome, nutritious and appealing food is provided to students. Vegetarian food is provided.


The school follows the Central Board for Secondary Education and offers Day school classes from Lower kindergarten to grade 12. Hostel facilities are available to students from Garde 5 to 12.

The school offers integrated coaching in the sciences from grade 6 to facilitate the preparation for competitive examinations in class 12.

Apart from academic courses, the school encourages sports and other cultural activities for students. Music, dance, and other co-curricular activities are encouraged in the school.

The school provides lessons in yoga and meditation for relaxation. Swimming is encouraged and the school has an in-house professional swimming trainer.

Art and craft are given equal importance in Sharada Vidyanikethana Public School.

One of the reasons Sharada Vidyanikethana Public school is regarded as one of the best residential schools is because of the discipline and strict adherence to norms.

Students follow a timetable for the entire day from morning to night. This teaches students to follow a routine in life.

Admissions applications are accepted online here.

For further information on Sharada VIdyanikethana and the curriculum refer to their official website.

3. The BGS Education Centre

BGS residential school Mangalore - CollegeMarker

The BGS Education Centre is located in Kavoor Mangalore. The school is managed by the Sri Adhichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust since the year 2000.

The Campus

The school is located on prime property in the city. It has state of the art amenities and training facilities. The classrooms are spacious and well ventilated.

The classrooms provide a conducive learning environment for students.

BGS School fosters reading habits amongst its students and to further this habit the school has a well-stocked library that provides comprehensive knowledge on all subjects from encyclopedias, reference books, Literature and language books, and many more.

All these cater to the academic needs as well as quench the quest for knowledge of students. To develop reading habits and love for books at a tender age special care is taken and students from class 1 have access to the library.

The school has separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and computers. The labs are well stocked.

The labs provide a hands-on experience to students giving them practical lessons of the textbook theory. In addition to these labs, the school has a unique math lab which makes learning math fun and innovative.

The BGS school offers residential facilities to boys from grade 3 onwards. The hostel provides a home away from home experience for students.

Healthy vegetarian food is provided to resident students. The hostels are monitored at all times by qualified school wardens.

Immediate first aid medical care is available at all times. The hostels are fitted with individual cots and storage facilities.

The warden and staff provide daily support needed by hostel students to meet their academic and emotional needs.


The BGS School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The school has a well trained and qualified teaching faculty.

Apart from academics, the school stresses co-curricular activities like yoga, meditation, and sports. To further the encouragement of these activities amongst students, the school provides state of the art facilities like a large playground and yoga room.

Students are motivated to take up cultural activities like music, dance, and literature.

For further information on BGS Education Centre refer to their official website.

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