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The goal of education in medicine is to transform the student from a practitioner to a healer

We are an accredited MBBS college consultancy agency located in Mangalore. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive and detailed portfolio of medical universities located around the globe and ensure that every aspiring doctor is placed in one of the top universities of their choice.

Our intensive research, fact-finding, and in-depth groundwork makes us one of the leading MBBS College Consulting Agencies in Mangalore. Every student, under our medical career guidance program is ensured of admission on the university of their choice. Our team of experts located in India and abroad work around the clock to ensure the best possible options keeping in mind the aspired course, budget-friendly fee structure and available facilities.

We facilitate the smooth transition to the university by processing and screening the required documents. Our representatives abroad guide the students throughout their period of study.

With College Marker, rest assured, your gateway to the medical profession is assured.

Why Study MBBS abroad

Apart from the above benefits of studying abroad, doing an MBBS or Post MBBS degree from a foreign university has added advantages. The foremost advantage being the difference in the fee structure of medical colleges in India when compared to foreign universities. In India, the average amount a student will have to pay for an MBBS degree is around 75 lakhs to 1 crore. Foreign universities roughly charge a drastically lower fee, ranging from about 20lakhs to 30 lakhs.

A foreign MBBS degree on your resume gives you a competitive edge over your peers who have studied locally. Your experience abroad, the university curriculum and your skills will serve as your trump card.

Why choose us

We are an accredited overseas MBBS educational consultancy, with an expert team of counselors and advisors.
Our professional team guides and mentors aspiring medical students to choose their preferred university based on courses offered and budget limitations.
We process all documents, certifications and paperwork to facilitate easy passage to the university. We provide visa interview training and immigration clearance.
Our agency aids students in procuring educational loans for their courses abroad.
We provide forex and travel assistance to students
We offer a wide variety of university options to choose from thereby providing extensive possibilities

Why Study Abroad

With globalization becoming a thing of the future, it has become imperative to learn and seek new knowledge. Studying in a country, other than your homeland, makes the experience and journey more fruitful. With an exchange in cultures, traditions and languages, students studying abroad have benefited greatly from the enriching experience. Below we have endeavored to enlist some of the benefits of studying abroad.
Quality Education
Study abroad to benefit from the top-quality education provided in these countries. With experienced and cosmopolitan faculty, your career is as good as made.
One of the foremost advantages of studying abroad is the independence you gain. Managing your life in a new country is a challenge in itself- A challenge worth the effort. Independence in your student life is surety for an excellent career.
Learning Experience
Experiencing different cultures, lifestyles and communicating in a foreign language is an enriching experience. Your new experiences can unfold a new beginning for your career.
Value creation
Holding a degree from a recognized university abroad, gives weightage and an added advantage to your portfolio.
World Travel
International travel allows you to see and experience the world. One country functions as a gateway to another part of the world. Seeing different parts of the world is itself a hugely rewarding educational experience.
Studying in a foreign country allows you to meet new people and make new friends. The acquaintances you make at the student level is the passport to your future.

Mission statement

“To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal.”

A.P.J Abdul Kalam


Our mission at College Marker is to provide you universal access to the world’s best education. Our team is devoted and passionate about our mission. We strive to emerge as one of the leading institutions, providing top-class educational information to medical aspirants. Our mission is to make your learning journey at your desired university, untroubled and smooth sailing.


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DR.Anuka Reddy

Doctor at Victoria

Dr.Anuka Reddy is from Bangalore, she completed her MBBS in ISM-Kyrgyz(International School of Medicine).she cleared FMGE in top Rank in all India FMGE 2019. presently she is practicing her medicine in victory hospital Bangalore


St Martha’s Hospital

Dr.Bhavya is from Hubli, she completed her MBBS in ISM-Kyrgyz(International School of Medicine),after completion of medicine in foreign she cleared FMGE in top Rank and now practicing her medicine in St Martha’s Hospital hospital Bangalore


Doing PG

Dr.Sudheer is from Bellari, he completed his MBBS in ISM-Kyrgyz(International School of Medicine), after completion of medicine in foreign he cleared FMGE in top Rank now he is studying PG

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer all of your questions

01. After my MBBS degree from a foreign university, what is the course of action, if I would like to return to India

A student who has completed an MBBS degree abroad has to necessarily adhere to the following guidelines on their return to India.

1. A foreign MBBS degree holder will have to compulsorily attempt the licensure examination called the Medical Council of India Screening Test, also known as the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination conducted by the National Board of Examination in India.

2. Complete one year of internship in a recognized health care center in India

3. Enroll as a medical practitioner with the Medical Council of India.