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CollegeMarker is a rapidly growing overseas education consultancy that provides international education services. It is a one-stop solution for all study abroad queries. Our expertise helps the students find the right course and university based on their preferences. Our counselors will clarify all the queries asked by the students and provide exceptional service from start to finish. We have authorized representatives of over 700 universities and institutions in 29 countries worldwide. The main goal of CollegeMarker is to provide genuine, ethical, and professional education services. We are dedicated to providing service by simplifying overseas education and helping the students pursue the best education. We at CollegeMarker believe that a student’s successful career is our achievement.

Why study in abroad

Studying abroad is a Lifetime experience in terms of academics, career, and personal growth. It gives students an exposure to learn new things and face challenges. Students become independent and confident in life.

Life-changing experience
Studying abroad is a lifetime experience where students get exposure to a new country, new people, and a new language.
Amazing opportunities
Studying abroad helps the students to learn new things and overcome challenges which can gain a better understanding of the world.
New culture
This is one of the great advantages of studying abroad where students get to know about new cultures, lifestyles and get the opportunity to learn new things
International degree
Students get exposed to the International learning system and gain recognition and value for the degree.
Meeting new people
Students get an opportunity to meet new people from diverse cultures and it’s a great way to bond with fellow students.

Why Choose Us

Process friendly
The opinion of studying abroad is a challenging decision, we at CollegeMarker help the students to lessen their burden and make an easy process.
Complete Assistance
We provide one-to-one service and guide the students to choose the university and course-based on their preference.
We Suggest the Best for you
We inform the entire process well in advance to the students and help them in short listing the Course and universities.

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    “To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal.”

    A.P.J Abdul Kalam

    Our mission at CollegeMarker is to provide you universal access to the world’s best education. Our team is devoted and passionate about our mission. We strive to emerge as one of the leading institutions, providing top-class educational information . Our mission is to make your learning journey at your desired university, untroubled and smooth sailing.