Some of the important advantages, benefits of studying abroad for Indian students are

1. See the World

Studying abroad gives students an opportunity to see and experience a new country. It also serves as a gateway and access to visit neighbouring countries. Students can enjoy the beauty, nature and culture of the host country.

2. Learn Other Cultures and Practices

During the course of study, students have a chance to mingle and interact with other students from different countries. This multilingual and multi-racial blend, serves as an added advantage to the students while doing their MBBS course.

3. Independence

MBBS students studying abroad compels them to stay independently for a long period of 5 to 6 years, thereby making the students self-reliant and self-sustaining.  

4. Job Opportunity in the Host Country

Studying MBBS abroad will help the students to mould their profession. It can be a stepping stone to creating a long-term career in the host country or in any of the neighbouring countries.

5. Exposure to A New Country

The tenure of the MBBS course abroad will serve as an exposure to a brand-new country and its memorable experience throughout the student’s life.

6. Foster Good Relationships

Studying MBBS abroad will help the students to foster good relationships with other fellow students from various other countries.  

7. Personality Development

MBBS students can build great personalities while studying abroad. The MBBS curriculum, syllabus and modules in these universities, ensures an all-round development of the students. 

8. New Goals for life

Studying MBBS abroad provides opportunity to students to set new goals in life.

9. Better Education

Pursuing MBBS in prestigious foreign institutions like Georgia University- USA, will increase the quality of education and hone their professional skills.

10. Improve Language Skills

Studying MBBS abroad enables students to learn and adopt the host country language and learn other languages from their peers, thereby helping students to interact better in society which is one of the foremost qualities of a good health worker. 

11. Better Career Opportunity

Studying abroad will increase the career opportunity for MBBS students. These students have an opportunity to be absorbed by health care centres in the host country and/or other countries, after the completion of the MBBS course.  

12. Cost Effective Education

An MBBS course abroad is more affordable than in India. The approximate cost paid for an MBBS seat in a foreign university is roughly 1/3rd of the cost for an MBBS seat in any Indian university. This saved amount can be put to better use for starting own clinics and health centres after the completion of the course.

13. World Class Education

Pursuing an MBBS course from a foreign university introduces students to world class quality education. Through these courses, students will be able to understand global diseases and the various approaches adopted by different countries to tackle and counter these diseases. Students will be able to learn and embrace these varied theories learnt from abroad and adapt these theories to the Indian conditions. 

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