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9 Major IT Hubs in India

Digital technology has become the future. The growth of Information technology in India has put the country on the global map.

The development of Information technology in many cities in India has led to the growth of technology parks.

These technology parks contribute greatly to software advancement, nationally and internationally.

Realising the countries potential in the IT sector, the Government has come up with many schemes and SOPs to encourage the growth of Information Technology.

Time and again the Government offers incentives to the IT sector to encourage research and development in the field.

Information Technology has developed in India in certain cities. The reason for the development of IT hubs in India is due to a number of reasons.

The reasons can be summarised as follows:

  • Geographical advantages
  • Transport facilities
  • Computer science colleges
  • Population
  • Infrastructure
  • Cosmopolitan crowd
  • Cost of Living

Top 9 IT Hubs in India and Their Contribution to The World Market.

1. Bangalore

The garden city of India, Bangalore is one of the biggest IT hubs in India.

It is also known as the Silicon Valley of India. Bangalore city was one of the first developing IT hubs in India, before other IT hubs sprouted around the country.

Bangalore has a pleasant and moderate climate throughout the year. This makes it a favourable destination for a number of IT graduates from around the country.

The city is connected by rail, road, and air with other parts of India and the world.

A survey conducted by Tech Gig revealed that Bangalore is one of the most preferred destinations for IT professionals in India.

The high standards of living and moderate weather being great contributing factors.

The survey was conducted on over 1,830 IT professionals in the 25-35 years age group having at least two years of experience.

The survey has showed that 58 percent of IT professionals prefer Bengaluru as the city provides high living standards.

According to the survey, Bengaluru wins the first spot among experienced professionals and freshers alike as 61 percent of respondents said that the city offered the best opportunities for IT professionals to kick-start their career in the industry, the survey added.

In Bangalore, certain areas have developed as IT centres.

  • Whitefield
  • Electronic city
  • Sarjapur Marathalli Outer ring road
  • Manyata Tech Park
  • Bagmane Tech park

The growth of tech parks in these areas has led to the development of housing, schooling, metro, and other attractive developments.

2. Hyderabad

As on date, Bangalore is the biggest IT hub in India.

However, Hyderabad is the fastest growing IT hubs in the country. A number of tech giants now prefer Hyderabad as their official destination.

Hyderabad is the capital city of the State of Telangana. It has a tropical wet and dry climate. The official languages are Telugu and Urdu.

The Government of Hyderabad promotes the city as one of the major IT hubs in India.

There are many geographical advantages that encourage the development of IT in this city.

The city is centrally located and has good connectivity by rail, land, and air. Hyderabad provides state of the art infrastructure.

Hyderabad was voted as the second-best city to work in for IT professionals.

Owing to the availability of large office spaces, transport, and housing facilities, Tech parks are concentrated in certain areas of the city.

Some of the major technology parks in Hyderabad are:

  • HITECH city
  • Gachibowli
  • Mindspace Madhapur Park
  • aVance Tech park
  • Kohinoor Tech park
3. Pune

Pune is regarded as one of the major IT hubs in India. It is located in Maharashtra state of India.

It is home to the biggest IT park in India, The Rajiv Gandhi IT Park at Hinjewadi. In a survey conducted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Pune was ranked as one of the top cities to live in.

The ease of living rankings was conducted based on data submitted by the cities and direct feedback from around 60,000 citizens. It ranked first in terms of liveability.

The advancement of Pune as one of the top IT destinations in India is due to its pleasant weather and its close geographical proximity with Mumbai.

The Government has encouraged Tech parks in the city and since then several tech parks have been established.

  • Cybercity Magarpatta
  • EON Free Zone
  • World Trade Center
  • ICC Towers
  • Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park – Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3
  • Quadron Business Park
  • Cerebrum IT Park
  • Vatika Business Centre
  • Nanospace IT Park
  • Giga Space
  • Muttha Tower
  • Prabhavee Tech Park
  • Weikfeld
  • SP Infocity
  • Business Bay
  • Commerce Zone
4. Delhi and NCR

A number of technology giants are setting up centres in Delhi NCR. This region has developed into one of the top IT hubs in India.

Over the passed decade the city of Gurgaon has developed by more than 70%. This makes it one of the preferred destinations for IT professionals across India.

With food and entertainment being part of the package, Gurgaon and other NCRs are gaining popularity among the younger generation of IT professionals.

  • DLF Cybercity
  • Advant Navis Business park
5. Chandigarh

Recently emerging as an IT hotspot is Chandigarh. Located in Punjab, Chandigarh is known for churning out skilled workforce.

The number of technical institutes is a contributing factor to the growth of technology in this region. Several tech giants have already set up offices in this region making it more attractive for IT professionals.

Punjab is also known for its strong infrastructure.

6. Kolkata

The buzzling city of Kolkata has witnessed a recent influx of Information Technology set-ups. A number of IT parks have been set up in and around the city.

This has attracted many IT companies and professionals to set up business in Kolkata. Kolkata is also known for its start-up tech companies.

  • Millennium City
  • DLF IT park
  • Godrej Waterside
  • Infinity Think Tank
  • Bengal Intelligent Park
7. Kochi

Being the commercial hub of Kerala, Kochi is also becoming a leading IT hub in India. Kochi is a major port city of Kerala.

The IT industry is a growing industry in Kochi.

The availability of cheap bandwidth through undersea cables has been the reason for its growth in recent years.

Apart from software technology parks, Kochi is also known for the development of hardware.

  • Info Park
  • Cochin Special Economic Zone
  • Cyber city
  • Smart city
8. Ahmedabad

Information Technology in Ahmedabad has advanced greatly in the recent past.

In fact, a survey conducted by the National Association of Software and Services company NASSCOM regarded Ahmedabad as the fifth among nine IT cities in the country.

  • GIFT City Ahmedabad Gandhinagar
9. Thiruvanthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala is another emerging major IT hub in India.

The high literacy rate in Kerala is one of the contributing factors to the development of IT parks in India. IT parks offer world-class facilities.

  • Technopark

India is now on the global map when it comes to advancements in software technology. You can not ignore India’s contribution to information technology.

CEO’s of come of the top tech giants are Indians. India is now part of the global technology market.

Several international tech giants have already set up companies in India.

These companies are boasting of high profits and billions of transactions from India.

With world-class infrastructure, development in transport and housing, India is emerging as a global leader in Information Technology.

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