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First Benchers Vs Last Benchers – Where Do You Want to Sit?


  • Busting the myths of the First bench Vs Last bench
  • Why do some students want to sit in front?
  • Why do students want to sit at the back?
  • Playing it safe- the middle ground

Often while reminiscing about old college days, you hear people making the statement “I was a first bencher.” or “I was a last bencher.” When you hear these words, what is the first thought that comes to your mind?

When you hear the first bencher you think that the person is studious while when you hear the last bencher you feel the student was notorious and playful in class.

Is This Really True?

Through this blog, we aim to break the myths about the first bencher Vs the last benchers. Firstly let’s look at some of the reasons students sit on the first bench or last bench

Why Do Some Students Sit on The First Bench?

1. You Are Studious

studious boyOne of the reasons you could be a first bencher is because you are studious. There is no harm in being studious. It’s a good thing to be studious.

It means you want to excel in your academics and prefer sitting right in front so that you don’t miss out on any important point in the lecture.

2. Teacher’s Pet

Sometimes you may want to sit in front just because you are the teacher’s pet and want the teacher to feel you are studious.

In reality, you want to sit at the back with your friends and play tic tac toe on the last page of your test book.

3. The Prank

It’s the boring class of the day and you want to sit on the last bench and feel free to get distracted.

You enter the class and Lo and Behold, your friends have occupied all the seats at the back and left you the seat right in front of the teacher’s nose. You have no choice but to sit on the front bench. Friends like this are priceless.

4. Size Does Matter

When it comes to sitting on the first bench Vs last bench, many times you don’t have a choice. Your inborn genes decide for you.

If you are too short, the teacher may put you right in front so that the board is visible to you. So you can blame your DNA for this one.

Why Do Some Students Want to Sit on The Last Bench?

So that’s why some students sit on the front bench. Now let’s look at the mentality of a few back benchers.

1. The Chilling Effect

cat listening to musicIn modern language, chilling is the new relaxing. Some students do not want to look so attractive to the teacher. They just want to “chill” in the back.

2. Down with The Berlin Wall

If you are too tall, maybe you won’t have a choice. You will have to sit at the back so that you do not become a Berlin wall, separating your friends from the blackboard.

3. More Time to Submit Papers

A back bencher is smart when it comes to paper submission during exams. Have you ever noticed when your teacher announces “Stop Writing!” when the time limit for writing the exam is done?

The front benchers have to give up their papers almost immediately, but a back bencher has a few more seconds to write the last sentence.

This is because the teacher takes a few more seconds to reach the last bench from the front of the class. In an exam, every second counts. Now isn’t a back bencher smart?

4. Back View for Mischief

Many students sit at the back so that they can trouble and irritate a friend in the front. Many sit at the back so that they can notice the activities of all other students.

Some entertainment in life. So, what would you like to be when it comes to the last bench Vs first bench?

Some students even sit on the last bench so that they can chat through notes and play games on sheets of paper.

Yes, this is something only a last bencher has the privilege to do. A front bencher can only diligently write the teachers notes from the blackboard.

So, these are some of the reasons students take the decision when choosing a first bench vs last bench.

When it comes to the question which is better- first bench vs last bench? There is no defined answer. It is not true that first benchers are studious while last benchers are notorious.

The term first benchers or last benchers is more of a phrase rather than a definite meaning.

There are many instances where the last benchers are now extremely successful in life and their careers, while first benchers are still struggling to get a foothold in their careers.

At the same time, there are first benchers who are successful and last benchers who may require more time to settle down.

Wherever the reason, we know for sure that where you sit in class is not a deciding factor for your success.

Advantages of Sitting on The First Bench

Having said this, there are certain advantages of sitting right in front of the teacher’s nose rather than the back bench

1. Automatically Listen to The Lecture

students in classAs there is little chance of getting distracted, a front bencher automatically listens to the lecture.

2. Less Chance of Acting Mischievously

When you compare a front bencher Vs last bencher, a front bencher has less opportunity to play some mischief as he or she is sitting right in front of the teacher’s view.

Any mischief will be first caught on the teacher’s inbuilt human CCTV camera.

3. Board Visibility from The Front

A front bencher has clear visibility of the blackboard. While a back bencher may have to peer through the great walls of China to get a glimpse of the blackboard.

4. Be Safe than Sorry – Listen to The Lecture

If you think you are safe sitting at the back and the teacher will not ask you many questions, think again.

Nowadays, teachers have learned the tactics of these smart students. Teachers are now beginning to ask questions first to the back benchers to catch their attention and make them attentive.

A Third Category – The Middle Benchers

Then there is a group of students who call themselves the middle benchers, which is neither here nor there. They are right in the middle of it all.

Ask them if they selected these seats because the first bench and last bench were already taken. Their answer might start a whole new blog.


Having read this article, you can now decide where you want to sit in the class- first bench vs last bench?

Wherever you decide to sit in the class, be aware that it is hard work and perseverance that ultimately decide your success in life.

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