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Yes, you heard it right. Relax 

You rarely hear someone telling you to relax. Especially when you are a student. Your life seems to be going like a whirlwind.

You have so much to do in a day. You have to balance your academics, assignments, projects, and homework. All this in a day.

If this is what your day looks like, then we have just one piece of advice for you. Relax. It is important to have a balance in your life-Work and Play.

A student’s life can be very hectic. At times this busy schedule can be the cause of stress. There may be so many reasons that cause stress in your life.

One of the biggest causes of stress for students is exams. There may be several other reasons that cause your stress levels to soar high.

Stress causes a lot of physical and mental damage to the wellbeing of a person and that is why you must find time to relax. There are so many benefits of relaxation.

You won’t even imagine that relaxing can have so many benefits. Let’s look at the importance of relaxation and some of the techniques you can adopt to feel more relaxed.


The Importance of Relaxation

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