12 Top Paying Management Jobs in 2022

The attraction towards a career in management is tempting. What’s enticing is the hefty pay package at the end of the month. In fact, some of the highest paying management jobs are in the least expected industries.

Different organisations have different management requirements. Understanding what management is, is essential.

Let us first understand what exactly is required when you apply for a management position in a company.

What Is Management?

Management is the process of dealing with or controlling things or people. It is a complex task that involves coordination and strategy to achieve a certain goal.

Management usually involves the delegation of work to others. The job of a manager requires you to be profound in the task you delegate to others.

Management jobs are one of the most sought after. Reason being, lucrative salaries and the fact that you are THE BOSS.

12 Best Paying Management Jobs and Their Average Salary:

1. Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officers (CEO) is one of the highest-ranking management officers. Therefore, are also one of the highest paying management jobs.

The CEO is technically the head of the operational activities of the company. The role of the CEO is to ensure the goals of the company are met. The CEO directly reports to the Board of Directors.

The annual paycheck of a CEO in India necessarily depends on the particular company. However, the national average annual salary for a CEO is around ₹26,97,000/-

2. Training and Development Manager

The training and development manager has the task of organising and enhancing the company’s workforce.

One of the major roles of a training and development manager is to assess employees for various training programmes and create and manage training budgets.

The manager also has the task of scrutinising various training materials from different vendors across the country or globe.

The average management jobs salary of a training and development manager in India is around Rs 8,99,180 per year.

3. Compensations and Benefits Manager

As the name suggests a compensation and benefits manager oversees the management of salaries, benefits and compensations to employees.

This manager must learn and adopt different types of pay scales and relate it to job profiles of employees.

The salary of a compensation and benefits manager in India depends on qualifications and experience of the manager. However the average salary of a compensations and benefits manager in India is around Rs 4,96,00 per year.

4. Information Technology Manager

Close on the heels of a Company CEO is the Information Technology manager. As the name suggests, is responsible for the computer and information systems of a company.

The role of this manager is to oversee the computer software needs and manage the IT department of the company.

The national annual average salary of an Information Technology Manager in India is around ₹15,00,000/-

5. Engineering Managers

Every department in a company requires a head or a manager. Companies involved in engineering services also require an engineering manager.

The engineering manager plans and coordinates the engineering department within the company. They are answerable for the technical questions that may arise in a project.

The engineering manager is also responsible for training other engineers and must possess problem-solving skills. It is the duty of the Engineering manager to report on the progress of various projects underway. An engineering manager is one of the top paying management jobs.

The average annual pay scale of an Engineering Manager in India is around ₹30,15,000/-

6. Architectural Manager

An architectural manager as the name suggests is the head of the architecture department in the company. The duty of the architectural manager is to visualise the concept of new products and services.

One of the main job descriptions is to approve designs and give a detailed report of the plans. Architectural managers have to plan and coordinate new projects and delegate tasks to various departments.

The average annual pay scale of an Architectural Manager in India is around ₹16,68,000/-

7. Natural Science Manager

Companies in the chemical industry require science managers to overlook the scientific aspects of the company. They may be scientists, physicists, chemists and biologists depending on the type of company.

The duty of a Natural Science Manager is to supervise the work of Scientists in a company. Natural science managers also have all research development work including testing and quality control.

The average annual pay scale of a Natural Science Manager in India is around  ₹11,19,000/-

8. Marketing Manager

Every company or business requires a marketing department. The marketing department deals with the promotion of the company’s products. He is in charge of the whole unit involved in marketing.

The marketing manager oversees the promotional ideas of the company like advertising and media publishing. They are the link between the company and its customers. Thereby making it an important role to fulfil.

The average annual pay scale of a Marketing Manager in India is around ₹8,58,000/-

9. Sales Manager

Another department related to the Marketing department is the Sales department. The sales unit is responsible for the actual vending or sale of the products or services manufactured by the company.

A sales manager coordinates teams for the sale of company products. Often, a sales manager’s role involves a lot of traveling and good communication skills.

The average annual pay scale of a Sales Manager in India is around ₹6,40,000/-

The sales manager’s post usually also works on a commission based on the number of products sold on behalf of the company.

10. Public Relations Manager

In coordination with the marketing and sales department is the Public relations department. Public relations is the link between the company and the customer.

Not only the link with customers but also others not related to the company. The Public relations team enhances the image of the company in the eyes of outsiders.

A public relations manager heads this team and coordinates all the departments of marketing. The public relations manager plans and coordinates and strategizes campaigns for the promotion of the company.

The average annual pay scale of a Public Relations Manager in India is around ₹4,60,000/-

11. Human Resources Manager

Human resources refer to the hiring, administration and training of staff. It is regarded as a significant department in any organisation because it is associated with the coordination of people.

The head of a human resource team creates job profiles within a company. The manager is required to take interviews and recruit people into various departments based on skill and qualifications.

He/she is responsible for maintaining a company directory of employees. The importance of human relations within a company is gaining importance in recent times.

Consequentially, the human resource department is becoming more significant. Due to the importance of the Human Resources department in a company, a human resources manager job is highly remunerated. It is considered one of the highest paying management jobs in the human relations field.

The average annual pay scale of a Human Resources Manager in India is around ₹7,79,000/-

12. General Operations Manager

The General Operations Manager is responsible for the overall operations of the company. The productivity and profitability of the company is overlooked by the General Operations Manager.

He/she may look at the sustainability of a particular project and report the findings to the concerned department. The duties and responsibilities of an Operations Manager are vast. It involves the working of several departments.

The average annual pay scale of a General Operations Manager in India is around ₹16,84,000/-


Management jobs in India are highly respected and have a relatively high pay scale. There are many job profiles in various industries that demand the need for management-related jobs.

Apart from being highly lucrative careers, management jobs offer white-collar jobs that are satisfying and enriching.

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