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The Benefits of Extra-Curricular Activities – Peace of Mind and Much More

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If we try to decipher the word extra-curricular, we can somewhat say that the word curricular comes from the term curriculum, meaning syllabus.

The term extra means in addition to and in this particular instance it would mean something in addition to the syllabus.

So extracurricular activity refers to an interest or hobby that is added to the normal academic syllabus.

Through this blog, we will discuss the benefits of extra-curricular activities for students. We will try and discuss the long term and short-term advantages these activities provide.

10 Important Benefits of Joining Extra-Curricular Activities

1. Breaks the Monotony

Joining a particular extra-curricular activity enables students to break the monotony of studying. Studying throughout the day can be taxing on the brain.

It can wear you out both physically and mentally. Including an extra-curricular activity in your timetable will be a welcome break from the daily routine and monotony of studying. Learning is more than just pencils and books.

2. A Skill Forever

One of the benefits of extra-curricular activities is that it can be a skill that will last a lifetime.

For example, taking up swimming as an extra-curricular activity is like learning a life skill. You never know when it may benefit you at a later stage in your life.

Moreover, cycling, swimming, and other such activities are all life skills that cannot be undone once you learn them. So, joining these extra-curricular activities is like learning ability for life.

Apart from specific life skills like swimming, joining a co-curricular activity teaches you various other skills like leadership skills, analytical thinking, and problem-solving.

3. Shaping Your Career

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When you participate in an extra-curricular activity in school, you may be unknowingly carving your career path. Fluke participation in an extra-curricular activity may ignite a passion inside you.

You might never know you have the competence for a particular sport or art until you participate in it. Many times, extra-curricular activities can be the stepping stone for a long and lucrative career.

Many eminent sports personalities and movie stars had the first taste of their passion in school through extra-curricular activities.

The famous and notable cricketer Sachin Tendulkar started playing school cricket before he was hailed as a child prodigy in the game of cricket.

4. Improves Academic Performanceopen book with alphabets - CollegeMarker

Research conducted by Najum Tariq of the National Institute of Science and Technology, Islamabad- Pakistan, and published on ResearchGate concluded that students who actively participate in extracurricular activities show certain benefits.

These benefits include achieving higher grades, test scores, higher educational achievements, more regular in-class attendance and higher self-confidence.

While out-of-school activities increase leadership and teamwork abilities in students.

5. Stay Clear of Vices and Bad Habits

One of the best benefits of co-curricular activities is that these extra-curricular activities decrease the use of drugs, alcohol, and behavioural and disciplinary problems related to their use.

Another survey conducted by Cooley, Van E, and others and published in the Eric Institute of Education Sciences suggested that extracurricular participation was a factor in reducing student experimentation and use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs. Students who participated in extracurricular activities were less likely to use drugs than their counterparts who did not participate.

6. Ignites Your Interests and Talents

One of the benefits of co-curricular activities for students is that it allows you to kindle your interest in other activities. It encourages you to showcase and build your talents.

Extra-curricular activities do not solely mean a sport or some physical activity, it can also mean participating in a mental game, singing, or a literary club.

Co-curricular activities are specially meant to target your interests and ignite your passions. Quoting the famous British author Sir Ken Robinson “Kids prosper best with a broad curriculum that celebrates various talents, not just a small range of them.”

7. Develops Self-Esteem

Participating in co-curricular activities enhances a student’s self-esteem. Many times, students who are not too academically inclined, find their forte elsewhere.

Participating in extracurricular activities helps students to find what they are good at. Once students get a foothold on what they are good at, it builds their confidence and self-esteem.

8. Stands out On a Resume or Application

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Another Extra-Curricular activity benefit is that it could actually land you your dream job. It could also get you admission into a college of your choice.

Yes, you heard it right. When you participate in extra-curricular activities and record your achievement in the field on your resume, some companies and colleges take note of it.

If you play a certain sport or part of a theatre group or excel in any other extra-curricular activity, you may get that job you have been eyeing.

Some universities and companies filter the selection process through your extra skills. You might have an added advantage over someone who has the same academic qualification as you but has not participated in an extra-curricular activity.

9. Balancing Time Management

Involving yourself in extra-curricular activities trains you to manage your time well. Balancing your school life along with after school extra-curricular activities.

It teaches students to manage their time at hand. Enabling them to excel in both academics and extra-curricular activities.

10. Make a Bond for Life

Another social benefit of co-curricular activities is that you get to meet new acquaintances and new friends.

When you get involved in an activity outside of school or after school hours, the competitive atmosphere remains buried within the four walls of the classroom.

Outside of the classroom, you are free to explore without the sense of competition. This enables you to be free and more social with others who share the same interest as you.

You have an opportunity to make new friends that can last a lifetime.

To quote the famous American voice over artist Kiernan Shipka “ I make most of my friends through my extra-curricular activities.”

Now the question arises, what kind of extra-curricular activities can you get involved in? This depends solely on your individual interest.

Whether you are an outdoor kind of person or prefer a more sober kind of activity. The activity you choose hinges on the kind of personality and interest you have.

Broad Classification of Some Extra-Curricular Activities that May Appeal to You:

1. Sports

Sports has always been one of the most popular choices of extracurricular activities for parents and students. It almost always involves physical activity.

Many parents choose sports as an after-school activity because it serves the purpose of fitness and overall health.

Many schools and clubs offer several after school sports activities like swimming, cricket, basketball and skating.

2. Theatre

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Drama and theatrics are also a popular choice for many students. Students interested in stage performances often take up drama classes to fulfill their passion for acting.

To quote the famous American actor Morgan Freeman “When I was a teenager I began to settle down in school because I’d discovered the extra-curricular activities that interested me -music and theatre.”

Morgan Freeman, now 83 years, went on to be one of the leading Hollywood actors, of his time.

3. Art and Craft

Participating in extra-curricular activities that involve drawing painting or craft can rekindle your passion for the arts.

4. Dance and Music

Another popular choice for extra-curricular activities amongst students and parents is participation in music and dance classes.

Music can include instrumental music or singing. Dance can be in any form. Extra-curricular activities like dance and music give relaxation to the mind and body.

5. Service Clubs

After school activities like boy scout clubs or the Bulbul club are popular after school extra-curricular activities.

6. Hobby Clubs

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These extra-curricular activities may include a range of activities like a chess club or a crossword or sudoku group.

Many students having the same interest may start a club after school and share their views and thought on their interests and hobbies.

It is pertinent to note that extracurricular activities are not limited to the school campus. There are many social organisations and individuals outside the school who encourage these co-curricular activities.

Look up your local directory or browse the internet for places near you. Every nook and corner of the world is now self-sufficient and caters to the needs of all students.

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