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Self Discipline for Success & Self Discipline Activities for Students

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  • What is self discipline?
  • Why is self discipline important?
  • What are some of the self discipline activities to follow?

Before we get into the importance of self discipline and how to develop self discipline, let’s look at what the meaning of self discipline is.

Self discipline can be defined as the ability to control one’s actions in order to overcome one’s weaknesses.

It can be interchangeably used with words like will power or restraint, though these words do not bring out the true meaning of self discipline.

In simple terms self discipline means the ability to do things when they are meant to be done, even if you do not wish to do it.

The best example of when self discipline is tested would be in the case of an exercise routine or work out.

You want to keep a good fitness level along with a check on your weight, but the process of working out and a good diet plan seems challenging, tiring and almost impossible to follow.

However, despite the difficulties, you persist with the exercise and diet plan, on a daily basis, without faltering. This is called self discipline.

It is the ability to make yourself do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.

Self Discipline Importance

The importance of self discipline cannot be undermined. Self discipline is required in all walks of life.

Whether you want to achieve good grades, lose weight, soar in your career or even simply do household chores, self discipline is required.

Notice that in all these instances, a lot of hard work, toiling, burning the midnight oil, and sacrifices are required to be made in order to achieve the goal.

It is definitely not an easy task to achieve good grades or lose weight without hard work and perseverance.

This is where self discipline steps in. Self discipline forms an important part of your life when targets and goals have to be met.

When it comes to students, a lot is expected. Good grades, for one, is the most important goal for students.

With self discipline in your life, achieving good grades is not a difficult task. Let’s look at how to develop self discipline in students.

It is a given fact that as a student, people around you expect a lot. However, we also know that you are not super humans that are capable of doing everything perfectly.

Having said this, we also know that it is close to possible to strive to be perfect with a little bit of self discipline in your lives.

Self discipline is a skill that you can develop. It may take a while before you become self disciplined, but the result is worth it.

The level of self discipline in your life will govern the level of success. Self discipline is not something that happens once and you’re done. It’s a practice.

Here Are Some Self Discipline Tips You Can Follow

1. Find Inspiration

InspirationOne of the tips to be disciplined in life is to first find motivation. Motivation can come in any form.

It can come from your friends, people around you, an elder or you can be your own inspiration too. The key is to get motivated to push yourself to achieve.

For example, you want to join your school’s soccer team, but one of the criteria is that you have to have an optimum BMI (Body, Mass Index) level. You have a high BMI level, and must be a bit more fit  in order to qualify for the team.

You start a good work out, eat healthy and have a great routine. After months of perseverance, you finally look and feel more healthy. You qualify for your soccer team.

Look what you have achieved. Here, making it to the soccer team was your motivation or inspiration and you made it happen. Solely because your end goal was so attractive that you worked hard to achieve it.

2. Baby Steps at First

It is advisable to take small baby steps before taking large leaps in your path to achieving self discipline. When you take a large leap, you may not be able to sustain yourself for a very long time.

However, taking small steps and small actions at first can lead to a more sustainable plan.

For example, studying a bit everyday is a lot better than cramming and studying just before the exams.

Small portions of studying everyday will achieve better results than trying to study the entire portion just before the examinations.

As your plan unfolds, your strides can get bigger and bigger and you can finally achieve success.

3. Timetable

Time TableOne of the best self discipline tips is to follow a time table. Making a timetable and following it to the tea ensures self discipline.

A time table keeps reminding you about the tasks you have to complete within a particular time. It sets your routine in motion and helps you achieve your daily goals.

4. Time Management and Efficiency

Another one of the self discipline tips for students is to manage time and thereby increase efficiency.

When you are able to manage time, then you will find that you are capable of achieving much more in a single day.

Time management is an important aspect of self discipline and routine. It helps to eliminate procrastination.

5. Use Your Phone Wisely

Mobile handcuffWith technological advancements, it is inevitable that students use phones more than necessary. This is one of the biggest hitches or obstacles in achieving self discipline.

It is advisable to limit the use of the phone. You can use your phone for certain purposes like setting alarms, or reminders or setting timetables.

6. Be Positive

Staying positive is the best way to achieve success. A positive mind and body creates a positive aura and this helps you to remove all negativity around you.

For students, staying positive can go a long way when it comes to developing self discipline. Staying clear of all negativity is one of the tips to improve self discipline.

Self discipline begins with the mastery of your thoughts. If you don’t control what you think, you can’t control what you do. Self discipline enables you to think first and act afterwards.

7. A Little Help from Others

Helping each otherSometimes self discipline is a collective effort. You can feel motivated to study and do well for your exams, but if the people around you distract you then, your motivation would soon die down.

So, a bit of help or rather cooperation from others will go a long way in helping you achieve self discipline.

8. It’s Not a Bed of Roses

Trying to achieve self discipline is not easy. However, the key is to embrace all these difficulties and use it to motivate you to achieve your goals.

You must push yourself to the limits in order to achieve self discipline. Step out of your comfort zone and face all the challenges that come your way.

Finally when you achieve the desired results, the jitney will seem worth it.

Self Discipline Activities

Now that we know self discipline importance, we can look at some of the self discipline activities students can follow.

1. Meditation

MeditationMeditation is relaxation for the mind and body. It has calming effects and in the long run can help in achieving self discipline and focus.

Meditation helps to focus. Meditation eliminates distractions to a great extent. It helps you build focus.

When we apply it to students’ lives it can help students focus on completion of projects, home works, assignments and studying.

2. Visualise

Another self discipline activity students can follow is to visualise the future. When we say future we do not literally mean the far future.

We mean the immediate future like a few minutes into the future. When you are able to visualise what will happen in the next few minutes, you can easily think of solutions to problems that you may have visualised.

For example, you are on your college debate team. While you are putting forth your points, you can visualise what your opposing team members may say in order to counter your statement.

Visualising this beforehand, can make you prepared in advance.

3. Practice Good Daily Habits

Another activity you can imbibe in order to build self discipline is to practice good habits everyday like, drinking water, using the steps instead of the elevator, exercise, good sleep, or even read a book instead of logging into your social networking account.

4. Set a Good Study Area in Your Room

Study RoomOne of the answers to the question how to develop self discipline in students is to set up the best spot in your room to study. The lesser the distractions the better you will be able to achieve self discipline and study.


“At the centre of bringing any dream to fruition is self discipline” 

-Will Smith

Self discipline is important in order to achieve any type of success. Start with a small change in your daily routine.

Wake up early, eat healthy, exercise, study and create good habits. Self discipline will automatically follow.

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