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Aptitude Preparation for Placements – An Expert Guide!

After reading this research based article, you will be able to understand and implement amazing strategies for aptitude test.

Key Take Aways:

  • Campus recruitments and how they work
  • What are aptitude tests
  • Pattern of aptitude tests
  • How to prepare yourself for aptitude tests

One of the various methods through which companies hire fresh graduates for various job profiles in the company, is through campus placements.

Campus placements are when companies visit colleges and conduct aptitude tests and interviews in order to hire fresh and compatible graduates.

Campus placements or campus recruitments play an important role in a students life as getting hired through a campus recruitment drive is advantageous in many ways.

Firstly, it is a guarantee of a job as soon as the student graduates. Students who are selected through campus placements are saved of the time and effort in looking for a job outside, which could prove to be tedious and sometimes unfruitful.

The experience of not finding a job can lead to dejection and depression in the long run. Secondly, campus placements hold more prestige to the job. A student securing a job through a campus placement is highly regarded.

So, how do companies recruit students through campus placements? The process consists generally of two main steps.

However depending on the company policies the steps involved in the process may vary. Generally, the two main steps are:

  • Aptitude tests
  • Interviews

The interview process in campus placements may involve more than one interview to determine the deserving students.

In one of our previous article, we have laid down a detailed description of the preparation tips for interviews and the do’s and don’ts during an interview.

In this article, our focus is on how to prepare for aptitude tests for placements. Let’s look at what exactly is an aptitude test and tips to crack aptitude tests.

An aptitude test is an exam which is used to determine a student’s ability to succeed in a particular field. Companies use aptitude tests to filter the bulk of students that apply for a job in the company.

Given the fact that there are hundreds of students who are attempting to secure a job through campus placements, companies organise aptitude tests to sieve or filter the students to a smaller number.

This makes it easier for companies to select a few suitable candidates for the interview stage.

As you are aware that many students from different colleges will be attempting the company’s aptitude test, it is best to be prepared, so that you have a chance to stay on top.

17 Fantastic Tips to Crack Aptitude Tests

1. Start at The Very Beginning

Start Line

Your first step in aptitude test preparation for placements is to do a preliminary investigation. Most colleges have a campus recruitment cell which helps to train students for campus placements.

The campus placement cells of colleges are usually open to students of the final year. Visit the campus placement cell of your college to find out the companies that visit the college at the end of the year.

The campus recruitment cell is headed by a campus placement director who will be more than helpful and willing to give you more information.

2. Know What to Expect

Aptitude tests are more objective than subjective. As it is more an exam to filter the number of candidates, aptitude tests are more general in nature. It is best to know the pattern of Aptitude tests before you attempt them.

9 Experimental Sections of Aptitude Tests:
  • Numerical reasoning:

This section consists of questions based on testing the mathematical intelligence of candidates. It is used to determine the aptitude of candidates to solve problems with the given numerical data.

  • Verbal reasoning:

These questions test the ability of candidates to comprehend and understand word problems.

  • Diagrammatic tests:

Tests the abstract thinking capacity of candidates. Most questions are based on patterns and diagrams.

  • Situational judgement tests:

As the name suggests, these questions are based on certain situations or circumstances and test how candidates will react to such situations.

  • Inductive reasoning:

Inductive reasoning questions are questions based on certain abstract and unfamiliar data and tests how students use this data to arrive at logical solutions.

  • Cognitive ability:

Cognition is the measurement of mental processes. It includes a wide range of mental activities like recalling, judging and thinking.

  • Mechanical reasoning tests:

Mechanical reasoning tests test the potential of candidates to comprehend mechanics or physical concepts.

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  • In-tray exercises:

In tray exercises on an aptitude test tests the capacity to perform multiple tasks, be it physical or mental work overload.

  • Critical thinking:

These critical thinking questions test the calibre of students when it comes to being able to arrive at logical solutions with data collected from various conflicting sources.

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3. To – Do Lists Can Help

To Do List

Make a list of all the aptitude tests available online. With easy access to the internet nowadays, online practice sheets are easily available. You can attempt aptitude tests that are based on user reviews.

4. Practice and Practice

One of the best ways of how to crack aptitude test in interview is to practice and practice. After you have made a list of all aptitude tests available online, it becomes easier for you to attempt them one by one.

The various aptitude tests available online are a great help for students for the aptitude preparation for placements.

The more you practice, the more familiar you are with the pattern and type of questions that may appear for aptitude tests.

5. Practice Papers of The Envisioned Company

To narrow down your target, it is also advisable to practice aptitude test papers of the company you have in mind.

You can visit the company website that may have recommendations for prospective candidates or you can consult your college placement cell head for practice papers of the particular company.

Try and practice aptitude test papers of the last four to five years.

6. Make Sure You Know What to Carry on You

Aptitude tests may be conducted online or offline at various college campus centres. Aptitude preparation for placements involves pre planning and a lot of forethought.

Always know what material and stationery to carry with you while you attempt the aptitude tests.

Many times the company gives you a detailed list of what they expect you to carry for the test and what they don’t want to see on you.

7. Time Yourself Well

Robotic Time

Another one of the tips to crack aptitude tests is to not spend too much time on a single problem. Most questions on an aptitude test are objective.

This means the examiners expect quick and short answers. However, if you find yourself spending too much time on a single question, it is best to leave it and attempt the rest on your question paper.

This gives you more time to attempt questions you are more familiar with.

8. Become Familiar with All Shapes and Sizes

Aptitude tests can look scary when you see it for the first time. With all types of graphs, pie charts and pictorial representations, you may get a bit worried when you see them all for the first time.

So one the best advice on how to crack aptitude tests of IT companies is to get familiar with all types of pictorial representations so that it doesn’t look confusing for you while attempting the test.

9. Focus on Your Well Being

Take care of yourself

Your hard work and preparation for the aptitude tests is incomplete without a healthy body and healthy mind. Remember to keep yourself in the best of health while you prepare for your aptitude test.


At the end of it all, we suggest you prepare well, without much stress attached to it. Also remember to write the aptitude test for the sole purpose of getting into the company yourself.

Do not discuss the paper with your friends after the exam. It will just stress you out more and may even dampen your spirits while trying to attempt another company’s aptitude test. Prepare well and focus on the main goal.

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