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7 Practical Benefits of Mock Test


  • What are mock tests?
  • What purpose mock tests serve?
  • The importance of mock tests

Without giving it much thought, we all know that mock tests are beneficial to students. In fact, it forms an integral part of the learning system.

Before we get into the details of the benefits of mock tests, let’s look at what is a mock test and what exactly we mean by it.

Mock tests can ideally be called by many names, like trial run, practice tests, run through or even a rehearsal. A mock test, by whatever name called, can be defined as a test or examination which resembles the final examination in all ways.

It has similar questions to be completed in a specific time and also follows the same pattern of questioning as the final examination paper. Basically, it is a model test that resembles an actual final test.

So why are mock tests important? What are the advantages of mock tests? Why are mock tests so useful to students?

Let’s answer these questions by drawing an analogy.

You are in your college drama club.

At the end of the academic year, in March, your club performs a stage show for the entire college.

Tickets are sold well in advance for the show.

Your club starts practicing for the drama from September onwards.

The practice sessions are going on smoothly and the play is coming along well.

As the day of the final show  approaches, your drama club will conduct a rehearsal of the whole play. You might have a single rehearsal or multiple rehearsals before the final performance.

These rehearsals resemble the final performance but without the audience. The rehearsals will include all the props, costumes, sound and lighting arrangements that will be used for the final show. You will act and perform on the stage like you will be performing for the final show.

So, what is the purpose of this drama rehearsal?

From your rehearsals you can improve the parts that are not up to the mark.

You can practice the dialogues you forget easily.

Technical glitches in sound and lighting, if any, may be rectified before the actual show.

So notice here, how much your drama club has benefited from a rehearsal in order to give a fantastic final performance to the audience.

Taking this analogy as an example, we can see the resemblance between rehearsals and mock tests. Rehearsals are a kind of preparation for the final show stage performance and mock tests are a preparation for a different kind of final show performance, that is the final examination. We now know how mock tests help students.

Let’s Look at Some of The Advantages of Mock Tests For Examinations:

1. “Practice Makes Man Perfect”

True to the saying “Practice makes man perfect,” mock tests are a practice run for the final examination. Attempting several mock tests gives you a lot of practice. Practice creates confidence and Confidence empowers you.

When you practice, you tend to avoid mistakes that could cost you dearly in the final performance. Louis Armstrong, the famous American vocalist has vouched for practice and has been  quoted saying “If I don’t practice for a day, I know it. If I don’t practice for two days, the critics know it. And if I don’t practice for three days, the public knows it.”

Practice holds good in every field, whether it is in education, sports, music, drama or any other field. When we specifically talk of education, mock tests are the best kind of practice for students.

The more mock tests you attempt, the more ready you are to write your final examination. As you attempt the mock tests you just keep getting better at it. This acts as a large motivating factor for students.

2. Time Management

Time Management

Another reason why a mock test is important is that it allows you to manage time.

Mock tests are drawn, following the same pattern as the final test. The type of questions will be similar to your final examination questions and the scheduled time period to complete the paper will be exactly the same.

Therefore, answering mock tests allows you to manage your time. After solving several mock tests you will know how to divide your time effectively, between sections of the question paper.

Mock tests also allow you to practice completing the paper within the stipulated time. It helps you improve speed and accuracy.

3. Sheds Off that Extra Pressure

It is a known fact that writing examinations can be challenging and taxing. Apart from the pressure of remembering the subject matter, examinations create tense moments for students.

At times, students facing examinations may go through severe jitters and nervousness. Some students may not perform to their full potential under this pressure.

Mock tests are a good way of getting rid of this nervousness. This is one of the ways how mock test helps students. Mock tests provide the same environment as a final examination, but in its true sense, it is not actually the final test. Attempting several mock tests exposes students to the final examination environment.

It helps students experience the same pressure they may feel while writing an actual examination. The difference being, it is not the final paper.

Therefore, solving many mock tests can help students get used to the exam environment and get rid of the factors that would trigger their nervousness.

4. Introduces You to The Paper Pattern

You may ask what is the purpose of a mock test? Well, for one, it introduces you to the question paper pattern, syllabus and form. Mock tests are basically samples or specimens of final examination question papers.

Many teachers set up mock tests for students by referring to previous years question papers and model question papers.

These questions, set by teachers, are in the exact format of the final test question papers. Mock tests give you an idea of the format of the paper.

For example, how many questions need to be attempted, the number of questions in each section and/or how many marks are allotted to different types of questions. With this information, you can be well prepared and set to attempt the final test.

It basically gives you an idea of what to expect on the actual date of the examination. Many online portals and books in the library have mock examination practice sheets.

These practice papers contain questions set in the exact same format as the final examination with a prescribed time limit. It is advisable to attempt these mock exams in order to get a feel of the real test.

5. Another Revision


Mock tests are nothing but another revision. The more the revisions, the better you get. So, the more mock tests you attempt, only gets you better and better for the final examination.

Through mock tests you can analyse your shortcomings and concentrate on improving your weaknesses before the D Day. Once you get a rough idea of the areas you are weak in, you can spend more time on these problematic areas.

You can take tutorial classes, practice more or just revise the subject again. Mock tests lets you discover and recognize your imperfections and flaws and gives you ample time to rectify these problems.

6. If THIS Doesn’t Work Then Try THAT

What we mean to say is that attempting mock tests allows you to try different strategies to solve the question papers. For example, in your first trial of a mock test, you spent too much time on a particular section and had very little time for another section of the question paper.

As a result, you were unable to complete your test. As this was a mock test, you still have time before the finals to change your approach.

This is how important are mock tests. It allows you to use different strategies and devise a new game plan so that you can master each attempt leading up to the final.

One of the best advantages of mock exams is that you can attempt multiple mock tests, which serves as a practice for the final examination, which can be attempted only once.

7. Mock Tests Are Performance Indicators


Mock tests are performance indicators. Meaning to say, students can gauge their progress through mock tests. Mock tests act as a progression chart for a student.

A progression chart can be defined as a pictorial representation of the progress one is making in a particular field. In education, it can mean to include the progress a student makes in a particular subject.

Mock tests show you how your performance has progressed from the attempt of one mock test to another. Each mock test attempted before the final examination must be an improvement from the previous mock test.

Online Mock tests provide instant results as compared to the wait for results in a final examination. Online mock tests are evaluated by softwares that give prompt and immediate results.


Apart from a complete benefit package to students, mock tests are also beneficial to teachers. Mock tests help teachers understand what areas the students need more practice in.

It also helps parents and students to ascertain the range of marks that you can expect from the student in the final exam. Therefore it can rightfully be said that the importance of mock tests cannot be undermined.

Mock tests are the best indicators of the performance of students in a particular subject.

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