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Realise Your True Potential and The World Is Yours


  • What is the meaning of your life’s potential?
  • Different ways to achieve your true potential

Potential in its true meaning is the ability of a person to perform to his or her maximum level.

You may have heard many times “perform to your potential” or “you have not performed according to your potential” In both these instances the meaning of the word potential is brought out.

It means the maximum ability of a person to bring out the best results.

If we talk of physical potential, every individual’s potential energy may differ according to various factors. For example, an infant’s potential strength will be much less when compared to a full grown adult.

However, when we compare mental potential or the potential to achieve the maximum in life, we can conclude that though it differs from person to person, there are possible ways of knowing how to realise your full potential.

Through this article we endeavour to present different ways and steps to realise your full potential.

Before we enumerate the different tips to realise your potential, take note of what you understand by the word potential.

Understand the inner meaning of the term potential. It means personal success or the ability to achieve the best in the given circumstances.

Realising your potential is of utmost importance if you want to succeed in life. Half hearted and unenthusiastic performances are the opposite of realising your potential.

13 Easy Ways To Realise Your Potential

Let’s look at some of the best ways to realise your potential and succeed in life.

1. Know Where You Stand

Before you try to decipher or know your potential, you must know your standing in society. Once you know where you stand in society it will be easier for you to build from there.

2. It’s Never Enough

never enoughAlways remember, there is always something more you can do to achieve. Your effort is never enough. If you feel you are already doing too much, it becomes a big deterrent  to realise your full potential.

Keep in mind that you can always do better and improve. There is always scope for improvement in every field. Even the best of the best have scope to better their own potential.

3. You Are Good at It

The first and foremost step to realise your full potential is to believe that you can. Never ever doubt your capabilities or potential. Trying is half the battle won. As you try, you are an inch closer to achieving your dreams.

4. Apply Knowledge that You Gain on The Way

One of the best ways of how to realise your true potential is to apply all the knowledge that you gain on the way. Knowledge does not come from a single source.

Knowledge is gained from almost everything and everyone around you. Be it books, television, friends, teachers or parents.

Knowledge can come in various forms and not only in the form of information. It is the way you use or apply this knowledge that you gain from various quarters that helps you realise your potential.

5. Make Efforts to Achieve Success

One of the steps to realise your full potential is to make the best efforts to achieve growth and success. You must always keep in mind that your personal growth and success is your ultimate goal in life.

It may not only mean a successful career or great grades in college. Personal growth and success also includes success at being a good natured person with excellent social skills.

Your contribution to society can also be a great measure of your personal growth and success.

To achieve personal growth, it is advisable to write down your goals and tick them off as you achieve them. Do not forget to reward yourself each time you achieve a goal.

This reward is a sense of appreciation for all your efforts. It serves as an encouragement to achieve the remaining goals on your list.

You can make long term goals for many years to come and you can make short term goals like a daily to-do list.

Do not get deterred by failures and obstacles that are bound to come across your path. These challenges are inevitable.

The way you face the challenges and rise after a fall are the greatest factors that determine how you realise your full potential in life.

6. Make 5 Year Plans

Goal setting and visualisation go hand in hand. Long term goals are set once you visualise yourself in the future. Here, the future refers to yourself in a few years time.

Try to visualize where you would want to see yourself in 5 years from now. This helps you chalk out your plans and goals.

In order to realise your full potential, it is necessary to know what exactly you want to achieve in life. Once you visualise yourself you will be encouraged to work towards your goals.

Sometimes this visual of yourself is so vivid that it makes you realise that you are capable of doing anything to reach there.

7. Patience Is the Key

hourglassIt is important to note that some goals can not be achieved overnight. Some goals are achieved only after perseverance and years of hard work.

Patience is the key to achieving your goals. Without patience, frustration and dejection sets in and focus is lost. One of the methods of how to know your potential in life is to be patient and hard-working.

Take each day as it comes because you never know what life’s challenges will throw at you for the day. Patiently work through all the obstacles that come your way and face them with determination.

Face your fears with grit and determination and never be discouraged if something goes wrong.

8. Focus on The Positives but Don’t Ignore the Negatives

To realise your  true potential it is essential to stay focussed. Here, we must add that you must stay focussed on the positives because that’s what keeps you going.

However, at the same time ensure that you do not completely ignore the negative aspects because at times these negative aspects serve as critics in your life.

Critical analysis of your life by yourself or others around you can serve as a self analysis chart which helps you measure your weak points and allows you to work on them.

9. Opportunities Are Plenty

One of the ways to realise your full potential is to always think that you are given every opportunity, it’s just that you have to find it.

Never think that you are not given an opportunity or chance and that is why you were unable to achieve a certain goal. Opportunities may never come knocking at your door. It is upto you to build that door and open it.

Use everything around you to create opportunities. Creating opportunities is your duty.

For example, while writing an assignment for a particular subject, you do thorough research in the field. While researching you come across immense opportunities on a different topic of research.

Don’t miss this opportunity to continue the new path after completing the previous assignment. You may find a new field of interest that will lead you to greater heights.

Make the most of every moment. There is no greater time than now to experience the full power of your potential.

10. Look for An Inspiration

InspirationMany times idols are the greatest encouragement to realise your full potential. Having an idol or someone to look upto drives you to achieve the same. Inspirations can come from anywhere including your own home.

Role models play an important role when it comes to influencing a person’s life. How much you take in as an inspiration and encouragement defines your potential in life.

11. You Are Your Own Master

When we say “you are your own master” we mean that no one is responsible for your actions except yourself. Do not blame others for the non achievements of your goals.

Only you are solely responsible for all your actions. When you want to know how to know your potential in life make sure that only you take responsibility for your own actions.

12. Keep Raising the Bar

Once you achieve a certain goal in life, never let go. Always try to achieve a bit more from the goal. Keep raising your own standard.

You must always try to beat your own records. When you compete with yourself you have no fears.

Competition without fear always results in positive outcomes. Raise your own standards and allow yourself to reach greater heights.

Keep pushing yourself to achieve something better than what you already achieved.

13. Healthy Mind, Body and Soul

You can realise your full potential only with a healthy mind , body and soul.

  • A Healthy Mind: Keeping a pure and healthy mind is one of the steps to realise your full potential. You can not realise your full potential if your mind is distracted. A pure mind, with self determination can work wonders.
  • A Healthy Body: Only with a healthy body, you will be able to achieve everything else in life. Keeping yourself fit and healthy with the right diet and exercise routine can allow you to realise your true potential. Poor diet or unhealthy routines can have an adverse effect on achieving your goals. Remember your health is the very factor on which all other aspects of your life depends.
  • A Healthy Soul: When we say healthy soul, we mean a pure and kind hearted person who believes in helping others in order to help themselves. Remember, as you help others climb up the ladder, you are walking up yourself.


It is not enough to just realise your own potential, the key is to use your potential to succeed in life. Difficulties in your life don’t come to destroy you, but make you realise your potential.

Your true potential lies within you. You must explore it before others exploit it.

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