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Advice and Options After 10th Grade

The most haunting question for students after 10th is- what next?

We understand that at this point in your life, you are unable to express your likes, dislikes, or intentions. It is a tough choice to make at this juncture.

However, through this booklet, you will have access to abundant information regarding courses, syllabus, and career prospects available to you.

Before taking the giant leap in your life, keep in mind the following two points

The First Biggest Decision of Your Life.

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The decision of what to take up after the 10th grade will probably be the first biggest decision you will be making to date.

It is an important decision because it is a decision you will have to live with throughout your life. Therefore, ponder over it several times and do thorough research before making your final decision.

You and Only You Must Decide

It is, but evident, that till now, elders took certain decisions for you. It may be regarding which school you go to or even what clothes you wear.

However, now, you are embarking on a journey that needs only your decision to proceed. You must, at the same time listen to elders, peers, and well-wishers and take their advice, but finally, you must be able to choose for yourself what you want to take up.

After all, you will be making a career out of it. You have to love what you are doing and not do what someone else wants you to do.

Options Available After 10th Grade

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Generally, there are three main options to choose from after the 10th grade.


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As of today, the science stream is one of the most popular streams in the undergraduate level. Taking up science after the 10th grade allows you to pursue courses in medicine, engineering, and information technology.

One of the greatest advantages of opting for science in the 12th is that if you find that you are not inclined to the sciences, you still have the option to change course for your graduation. You can take up a commerce or humanities degree course even after pursuing science after 10th.

This gives you precisely two additional years to decide what you want to make a career out of. These additional two years make you older and more mature thereby making you more equipped to take bigger and bolder decisions.

In the 11th you will be introduced to basic science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, and electronics. Depending on what you feel you would like to pursue you can opt for your combination of subjects.


Another popular stream is the commerce or business studies stream. Pursuing Commerce introduces you to lucrative careers in finance.

You will be able to opt for a career as a chartered accountant, company secretary, financial analyst, investment banker, and other similar posts.

In the 11th you will have to take up subjects like Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, and statistics. The combination of subjects will vary from college to college.


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Students are now keen to take up arts because of the prospective lucrative professions that have developed over the years.

Some of the job options lie in journalism, mass communication, advertising, social work, teaching among others.

You will be introduced to subjects such as Psychology, sociology, political science, history, literature, and other such subjects.

Additionally, there are more options available to students after the tenth grade.

Industrial Training Institute

The Industrial Training Institute, by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, to provide training for various trades.

The training period varies for different courses and is available to students from the 8th grade onwards. On completion of training from the institute, students will have to write the All India Trade Test and successful candidates will receive the National Trade Certificate.

Students who have completed a minimum of two years in the Industrial Training Institute have the option of writing the entrance examinations to pursue a polytechnic diploma engineering course.

Polytechnic Courses

Ploytechnic courses

Students also have the option of pursuing a polytechnic course after the tenth grade. The courses offered by these technical education colleges are vocational courses that help students to get jobs.

Now that you know what your choices are, you are now ready to go through the rest of the blog and decide for yourself what you would like to take up.

In our subsequent updates, look out for a detailed listing under each of the headings above. Note down the opportunities that fit your interest and personality.

This guide will show you the different career options available to you and which stream you must take up to pursue that particular career.

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