Academic Courses After 10+2 Arts

The very fact you are an art student itself shows that your interest lies in humanities. The study of people, language, history, philosophy, cultural arts, and the likes.

The introduction you had to the theory of arts in your formative years has already given you the skill of being able to think analytically and critically.

This gives you an advantage while attempting competitive examinations like the civil services which require analytical and critical thinking power.

Also, being an art student, theory subjects are not new to you. The many subjects you have been introduced to will now be an advantage for you.

Some of the art subjects you might have covered in the 12th are languages, Psychology, mass communications, economics, and law among others.

Having all these subjects under your knowledge radar gives you a wider choice when it comes to selecting a career path.

While pursuing arts, you have to keep in mind, that it is important to choose the right course after the 12th. One that will give you appropriate monetary returns as well as a passion for the job.

Find below, a list of promising career options after pursuing arts in the 12th

Bachelor of Arts (BA Degree)

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts degree program is a three-year course in India. However, the duration of the course may vary from country to country. The degree course has the following subjects, among other options, in its curriculum

  • Literature and art
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Political science
  • Economics
  • Environmental studies

To seek admission into a college offering BA degree courses, minimum passing marks of the 12th grade, from a recognised board is required. At times, many colleges or universities may have their own entrance exams.

Job Prospects

Pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Arts provides you the opportunity to work as a content writer, mass communication, foreign language expert, political consultant, sales and marketing, and other such similar job profiles

Recruiting Industries
  • Banking sector
  • Educational institutions
  • Media houses and Marketing agencies
  • Economic development firms
  • Research companies

Bachelor of Arts with specialised subjects like History gives you an opportunity to further take up courses to pursue specialised career options like

  • Archaeology
  • Curation
  • Art restoration
  • Monuments and Sculpture restoration
  • Social Work
  • Special educator

Bachelor of Fine Arts

A Bachelor in Fine Arts is an undergraduate program that usually has programs under two categories namely visual Arts and performing arts.

Visual Arts contains subjects such as drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, and similar subjects. While performing arts contain subjects such as Music, Dance, and theatre.

Bachelor of Fine Arts is a 3-to-4-year course depending on the subjects taken up. It can be taken as a full-time course at a university or a part-time or as a distant education program.


Students who secure minimum passing marks in 12th grade in any stream are eligible to apply for the Bachelor of Fine Arts course. Having a creative and artistic aptitude is the perfect skill required to pursue a Bachelor of fine arts course.

Job prospects

Today, the doors of opportunity are wide open for students who want to pursue a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts. Several high-paying career options are available to young aspirants.

A Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate can secure high paying jobs such as actor, content writer, singer, professional dancer, photographer, lyricist, textile designer, and other such professional gateways

Recruiting Industries
  • Film and Television industry
  • Digital Media
  • Fashion industry
  • Wildlife and fashion Photography
  • Teachers

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

Funny representational image of journalism

The Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication course is a three-year course that includes the fundamentals in the various fields of mass communication.

It includes print media, radio and television, advertising, event management, and public relations.


Students who aspire to pursue a course in Journalism and Mass communication have to have the minimum passing marks from any stream in the 12th grade.

Some journalism and Mass Communication colleges and universities may have their own required minimum marks and entrance examinations.

Job Prospects

A Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication graduate have job opportunities as journalist and news reporter, newspaper editor, content writer, RJ, VJ, Emcee, event host among others

Recruiting Industries
  • Film and Television Industry
  • Digital Media
  • Radio
  • Event management companies
  • Print Media

Integrated Arts and Law Course [B.A., LL.B]

lady of justice

This 5-year integrated degree is a dual degree course. A student graduating with this degree receives two degrees on the completion of 5 years, namely Bachelor of Arts degree and Bachelor of Legislative Law degree.


Students aspiring to be an advocate can pursue the BA LLB degree after securing minimum marks in any stream in the 12th grade from a recognised board.

Some colleges and universities require students to write entrance examinations to secure a seat to pursue the course. Students will be introduced to a wide range of subjects during the duration of the course.

Political Science, Torts, Banking Law, Company Law, International Law, Civil Procedure Code, Criminal Procedure Code among others.

Job Prospects

Students who have completed the BA LLB course are entitled to practice law in the courts of the country. Companies also hire lawyers to attend to all the legal matters of the company.

Recruiting Industries
  • Individual legal practice
  • Corporate practice
Bachelor of Hotel Management

Chef preparing food

This bachelor of hotel management or hospitality management is a three or four-year graduation program.


Students who aspire to pursue a degree in the hospitality industry have to have minimum passing marks from any board in the 12th grade.

The course not only covers subjects related to hotel management but also the tourism industry and event management. Students will be given training in communication skills and customer relations.

Job Prospects

BHM graduating students can find suitable, high-paying jobs in the hotel industry as a Hotel manager, Food and Beverages Manager, Event planner, Banquets Manager, Chef, and Customer Relations Manager.

Recruiting Industries
  • Hotel industry
Bachelor of Business Administration


A degree in Business administration prepares you with the skills required to face the corporate world. Students pursuing BBA usually follow it up with a post-graduate MBA.

However, the degree BBA is the perfect foundation for an illustrious career in the corporate sector.


Students who aspire to take up a degree in Bachelors of Business Administration must obtain minimum passing marks in any stream in the 12th grade. It is a three-year course.

Job Prospects.

The corporate sector wholly depends on the skills of Business Administrators to take their company forward. Companies are now looking to hire more and more Business Administrators because of their managerial capabilities and excellent communication skills. BBA courses offer specialised streams such as HR and PR

Recruiting Industries
  • Hospitality industry
  • Finance companies
  • Sales and Marketing industry

Bachelor of Fashion Design

fashion designer

A degree in Fashion Designing is for students who are creative and innovative. It is a three-to-four-year course. Fashion designing refers to the latest trends, not only in garments and textiles but also in footwear and accessories


Students who wish to pursue a degree in Fashion Design must have secured minimum marks in the 12th grade from any stream.

Job Prospects

The Fashion designing course introduces students to a wide variety of subjects. These subjects enhance the creative and innovative skills of students.

On graduating in Fashion Designing, students can opt for careers in big fashion houses, fashion consultant, wardrobe consultant, textile designer, and apparel sample coordinator.

Recruiting Industry
  • Fashion Industry
  • Film and Television Industry
  • Retail industry


The above options are not a limited or exhaustive list of career choices after 12th arts. These are only general suggestions of options that are available.

With the advancements in technology, more and more career choices are being framed by the minute. It is important to plan a career that is fulfilling in the end.

Though monetary gain is important, passion at work is one of the factors that contribute to a long and fruitful career span.

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