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Visual Thinkers – Great Career Options

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When we speak about a visual thinker, you might wonder what it is and whether you are a visual thinker yourself? So, let’s look at what exactly a visual thinker is and if you fit the bill.

Before we get into defining a visual thinker, let’s look at some examples so that we get a clearer picture.

When a person is explaining something to you, do you pay attention to the words or build pictures for the explanation?

If someone is describing a house layout, do you listen to the words or prefer to see a blueprint of the same?

Do you prefer to draw when trying to explain a point to someone?

Now that we have listed out a few examples, you can now figure out what a visual thinker is. Yes, a visual thinker is a picture person. A visual thinker is a person who learns and explains through pictures.

If you find yourself seeing pictures instead of words, then you can describe yourself as a visual thinker. It is not a unique quality of a sort and it’s interesting to note that many share the same visual thinking power as you.

How Do You Know that You Are a Visual Thinker?

At times you may not even know that you think visually or through pictures. Go through some of the signs below and see if you manifest one or many of the following

1. Photographic Memory

camera negative - CollegeMarker

This is a common phrase used when you can remember things very well. It’s often used in the context “You have a photographic memory.”

This means you can remember things more easily than someone who has to memorise a certain thing continuously before actually being able to remember it.

If you have a photographic memory you are using the visuals of the text you have to remember rather than memorising the concept.

In other words, you are using your brain’s camera to capture the images.

2. Burst of Ideas

Usually, Visual thinkers have a lot of ideas. A visual thinker imagines more than the explanation and that is why they have more extraordinary ideas than a normal thinker.

Also, a visual thinker has a good imagination. Especially when it comes to visualising concepts and diagrams.

Let’s go back to your school days where you learned the Pythagoras theorem.

Try to remember if you were the first to visualise that the sum of the areas of the two squares on the legs equals the area of the square on the hypotenuse.

3. Remembering Faces

Visual thinkers are good at remembering faces rather than names. If you have met someone a while ago, you might be able to remember their familiar face but may not be able to remember their names.

4. Creativity in Jobs

wall painting of a girl using straw - CollegeMarker

A visually inclined thinker likes creative jobs. A visual thinker might get bored if the job entails entering numbers into a system. Visual thinkers are good artists and will do well in creative jobs.

12 Perfect Visual Thinker Careers

1. Photography

A visual thinker will be good in photography as it has something to do with capturing pictures. Photography has a lot to do with being creative with colours and combinations. A visual thinker is inherently good with colours and creativity.

2. Architect

Another visual thinker career option is that of an architect. Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings and other structures.

Here, creativity is at its best. Able to visualise a design before its conceptualisation is an important aspect of architecture.

Visual thinkers can do this without much effort. Therefore, a career in architecture is a wonderful option

3. Interior Designing

Interior design - CollegeMarker

A career in interior designing is a good option for visual thinkers. As the name suggests, interior designing deals with designing, arranging, and shaping the interiors of a building.

Interior designers usually have to visualise space coupled with aesthetic sense. A visual thinker will be good at interior designing as it involves placing objects at certain places.

4. Fashion Designer

Another job for a visual thinker is a career in fashion designing. Fashion designers are creative and innovative. They are in sync with the latest trends, colours, hues and combinations.

Fashion designers have a quest for creativity just like the inherent quality of a visual thinker.

Visual thinkers are good artists. Being able to draw and sketch well is a prerequisite for a fashion designer.

5. Therapist or Psychologist

A good visual thinker career option is to get into the line of counselling, therapy, or psychology. You may wonder how a visual thinker will be good at counselling.

Well, a visual thinker will be able to picture another person’s issues. They will be able to better visualise what the other person is going through more than a person who is not a visual thinker.

6. Visual Arts

woman sitting on brown stool and painting - CollegeMarker

A career in visual arts is an excellent option for visual thinkers. By visual arts we mean, painter, sculptor, or any other art form.

Visual thinkers are good with their hands. Usually, visual thinkers make excellent artists. So, a career in visual arts is an evident option.

7. Engineering and Construction

A visual thinker will make a great career in the construction industry. Civil engineering is a good option for visual thinkers who can blend creativity and design with the science behind constructions.

8. Advertising and Graphics Designing

Advertising, graphic designing and media are great career options for visual thinkers. This is because these fields necessarily use creativity, imagination, innovation and originality as their base.

9. Business

A visual thinker will also be good at business and absorbed by big corporates and companies. They can visualise the company performance and help the management to make certain decisions thereby bringing profits to the company.

10. Marketing

Marketing - CollegeMarker

A visual thinker career option is in the marketing field. Marketing means the different methods of promotion of a product or service.

A good marketer has the power to gauge consumer reactions and thus it helps in creating good marketing campaigns.

11. Teaching

A visual thinker will also excel in the teaching profession. Visual thinkers will be able to explain concepts better because they have the inherent quality of being creative.

Visual thinkers and think of innovative methods to teach difficult concepts to students.

12. Arts

potter artist designing a pot - CollegeMarker

Another job for visual thinkers is in the field of art. Visual thinkers can be sculptors, potters, painters, sketch artists and others in this field.

Visual thinkers are necessarily creative and original. They are innovative and artistry. If you are a visual thinker you have many career options in hand.

Look for a job that is not mundane and does not involve a repetition of work. You need to look for something that gives you something different to do every day.

Something that involves using your imagination and allows you to express yourself.


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