Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing Your Career Path

Before you take up a professional course, always remember that your choice will affect your future in the long run. So, it is advisable to take planned and well-thought decisions before embarking on your academic course.

Ask yourself the following questions. Note them down in a diary and take your decision after deliberating over all the pros and cons.

What Are My Talents, Skills, and Hobbies?

Skills representation

Choose a career you love, because then, you wouldn’t have to work a day in your life. When a job is intertwined with your passion, it is the best career move.

How Do I Gauge My Strengths and Weaknesses in Order to Determine the Right Career for Me?

Yes, it is important to gauge your strengths and weaknesses so that you can make the right decisions. You may already be aware of your talents and hobbies because this is what you tend to grow up realising. These are your strengths.

You can build on these strengths by giving sufficient time to hone your talents and hobbies. For example, if you are good at art, you can attend a few courses in art. This way you can see how far you can take it up as a profession.

You may also realise that you are good at a particular subject or good at communicating. These are all your strengths. Sharpen your strengths and overcome your weaknesses by attending short courses from time to time.

Am I a Team Player or An Independent Worker?

Before answering this question, please note that it is not wrong to be an independent worker. It just means you perform better alone. Having said this, it is important to be part of a team when situations arise.

You must be able to take direction well, as well as capable of working independently.

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Do the Subjects and Course Interest Me?

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It may be possible that a particular course that interests you, may have a subject or two that you find tough. Please note, the curriculum is fixed after careful deliberation of subjects.

If you find that you are weak in a particular subject, but still interested in pursuing the course, you can take up extra tutoring for your weak subject and still do extremely well in your course.

Am I Open to The Idea of Relocating for A Course and Career?

At times, only some universities offer particular courses. Ask yourself if you want to pursue the course even if it means staying away from home for years together?

Sometimes, relocating away from home may give you good exposure and will look good on your resume, because it shows that you are an independent hard worker.

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Is a Big Salary Important to Me?

Man resting on money

No doubt, everyone wants to make a good living out of a career. The question is how much money is enough?

Always remember, there is no shortcut to making money. Hard work and perseverance are the only ways to reach a good position in your career. The money will always follow hard work and diligence.

Are There Jobs Available for The Course I Would Like to Pursue?

It is necessary to consider job prospects in the course you undertake. Pursuing a course that does not have much scope for a career may not be a good option.

It may end up being a waste of money and time. So, make sure you do thorough research on the career prospects before undertaking a course.

Will the Job I Want Allow Me to Live the Way I Want To?

This is a totally subjective question. The question you should ask yourself is how much money is enough? While some are accustomed to a simple lifestyle, others may want to live lavishly, even beyond their means.

Therefore, this question is relative and is directly connected to your personality and your needs and desires.

What Do I Need to Study to Pursue a Particular Career?

Every job requires a certain set of skills and educational qualifications. Therefore, if you are interested in a certain career, you must be aware of the required qualifications.

At times, you may have the skill to perform a particular task, but may not be qualified to do it. So, when it comes to the selection process in a job interview, there is a chance you may be rejected because of inadequate educational qualifications even though you have the skill for it.

In order to avoid this situation, it is advisable to research the educational qualifications required to pursue a particular career.

What Kind of Personality Do I Have?

You may think this is not an important aspect of career guidance, but the truth is that it is as important as recognising your talents and passion. Identifying your personality helps you to determine the type of job that will suit you.

You can go through many personality tests available online for free.

What Are My Values?

Ethics written on a compass

As you step out of the school and college environment, you will enter the big world of business. At times, the behold of opportunities and distractions that are before you could be so overwhelming. It can easily lead to bad decisions and irreversible mistakes.

To avoid this situation, be sure to be true to your core values and principles. This is what will get you far in the world of business. Shortcuts to good money are hardly everlasting. The fruit of your own hard work is the sweetest.

Why Do I Want to Pursue This Particular Career? Am I Pursuing This Career for Myself, My Parents, or Society?

Before zeroing in on a particular career path, always ask yourself why you want to pursue it? Make sure that your answer always has “yourself” at the end of it.

Many times, students are forced to take up careers they do not have an inclination or passion for. In such cases, there is a lack of motivation and this leads to short and unsuccessful career spans.

A career is what you solely want to do. Though taking the advice of elders and those around you is a good idea, finally the decision should be yours because you are the one who will pursue it and make a living from it.

Doing a course because society warrants it and not because you want to do it, will be a futile endeavour.

Whom Do I Admire the Most and Why?

Often, having role models in life gives you motivation and inspiration to pursue your dreams. Think of the people you admire and the reasons you admire them.

Strive to learn more about their lives, the chances they took, and the obstacles they faced.

Will I Be Able to Balance My Work and Leisure Life?

work life balance

Planning. This is the answer to this question. Everything is possible with a little bit of planning in your life. It is possible to have a fun family life in spite of having a busy work schedule.

There will be days where you can not commit to a family matter because of a work responsibility, but there are also days where you can enjoy the fruits of your hard work with your family.

What Is the Most Demotivating Factor in My Life? how Can I Work to Overcome It?

It is important to address your weak points too. Identifying your weak points and striving to overcome them will put you on the right career path.

Confidence is one of the most important prerequisites for a lucrative career. It is the first requirement for great undertakings. With confidence up your sleeve, you can achieve almost anything.

With So Much Competition Around, How Can I Stand out From My Peers?

stand out from your peers

When you decide on a career path, realise that there are a thousand others doing the same course as you and there will be more vying for your dream job.

It is up to you to remain on top of the charts at all times. In order to stand out from your peers, you must keep yourself abreast with all the latest in technology and your particular career path.

Also, learning a new skill will add an advantage to your credentials. Doing summer internships or part-time jobs will add value to a lucrative career.

Where Do I See Myself 10 Years from Now?

Having a clear vision of what you want your life to be is a kind of motivation for you to work towards it.

Have yearly plans chalked out and tick them off as the year goes by. You are now able to achieve your goals step by step.

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