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20 Resume Writing Tips to Get the Best Job


  • What is a resume?
  • The difference between resume and curriculum vitae
  • Tips to follow while writing your resume
  • Formatting a resume
  • What not to include in your resume

The first thing you need in hand, before going for an interview, is a resume. The word resume refers to a short document that contains some information about yourself.

The word  curriculum vitae is sometimes interchangeably used to mean resume though there is a slight difference between the two.

Curriculum vitae refers to a larger document containing more detailed information about yourself.

A resume is used by employers during the interview process. It works like a kind of cue to the interviewer. Based on your resume questions may be formed on the spot.

At times, you may be hired or rejected purely on the basis of your resume.

It must be noted that for a job opening, there will be thousands of candidates. Resumes are sometimes one of the ways a company filters candidates.

Your resume says a lot about you. It determines whether you will be called in for an interview or not. So it is necessary to come up with a resume that stands out.

It is important to come up with a resume which has nil or least number of errors.

Here, we have put together a few tips on resume writing so that you can arm yourself with the best curriculum vitae and ace your interview.

How to Write a Resume for Freshers?

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1. This Is the Time You Need to Be Formal

With socialising becoming the new norm, you may have heard the words “Don’t be so formal.” However, when writing a resume, you must be formal.

The words you choose must sound formal and official. Remember you are not writing a letter to your grandmother.

The resume must contain words that you would use to your prospective boss or employers. The most important tool you have on your resume is language.

2. To the Point

One of the tips on how to write a resume for freshers is to be crisp and to the point. Never beat around the bush.

When you write a resume with more than required information, you may distract the interviewer from your strong points.

For example, a resume usually contains educational information from your 10th board results onwards. Now, adding pre-primary or kindergarten marks might be adding unnecessary information onto the resume.

It is also important that you try to shorten sentences to communicate the information. For example, you would like to convey the following information to the reader

During my years in college, I interned at the Futuristic Sales Company in Georgia. I have managed the sales and marketing department of the company and was able to build a good rapport with the team.

The same information can be shorter on a resume and yet be more effective.

Internship completed at Futuristic Sales Company, Georgia. Managed sales and marketing team.

Notice how the same message is conveyed in fewer words and still remains effective.

3. Don’t Add Everything

Another resume tip for freshers is to ensure that you do not write every life story on your resume. Interviewers are mainly interested in your skills that will fit the current job profile.

So it is advisable to add only the skills that are relevant to the job profile. At the same time you can also keep another attached sheet adding all your skills.

That should be a separate document highlighting your special skills that may not be relevant to the current job.

It is necessary to keep your resume short and sweet. Do not add flowery language that just adds up to the word count. A short and to the point resume is more appreciated than a long and lengthy story about yourself.

Remember, that you may not be the only candidate for the post. Your interviewer may have already interviewed a few candidates before you and may have many more to interview after you leave the room.

So, it is necessary to keep your resume short so that you do not bore the already tired interviewer. You must keep your resume a maximum one or two pages short.

4. The Front Page

resume front page

In a newspaper, the front page always contains the headlines or the most important news of the nation. This is because it is the page that first attracts the reader.

The same concept holds good for a resume. Write all your relevant and important information on the first page.

The first page needs to attract the interviewer or reader to you and your skills. From the first page, the interviewer must be convinced that you are fit for this job.

The opening sheet of your resume should contain your educational qualifications and your prior internships and work experience if any.

This information gives your interviewer immediate details about yourself. You must follow this good resume writing tip.

Convey the most important pieces of information within the first part of your resume.

5. Your Most Recent at The Top

While writing a resume, one of the best resume writing tips is to place your most recent work experience first and follow it up with your more later experiences.

Your interviewer will most probably be more interested in your most recent work skill because that experience may still be fresh in your talents list.

At the same time, do not forget to date all your work experience from the most recent to the later ones.

Do not forget to add any unconventional work experience like philanthropic work, that you may have gained on the way.

6. Keep that Email Address Professional

Email is still the most formal way of communication between you and your interviewer. Though there are more methods like whatsapp and other communication applications, email still remains the most formal method of communication.

It is advisable to have a formal email address with your full name. Using pet names or funny names for your email address on your resume will look casual and very informal.

According to an article written by, one of the ten reasons you need to have a professional email address is to make a great first impression.

Infact, an email address says a lot about you. A very informative article written on ITProPortal says that an email address gives out a lot of information on the type of person you are.

Looking from a hirer point of view, judgements may be passed solely based on the type of email address you have.

For Example: would be considered a professional email whereas on the other hand, would be considered unprofessional.

7. Resume with Numbers

In any piece of writing, whether it is an article or a blog or even your resume, mentioning statistics or numbers can attract the reader.

For example, it would be helpful to mention the number of people you managed in your team or the percentage of profits you added. This way you quantify your achievements and give an exact standard of measure to the reader.

8. You Need to Stand out From the Rest

shortlisted resumes

It is a known fact that you may be one of the many candidates for a post. So, how do you make your resume stand out from the rest?

You know that every other candidate is going to highlight his or her achievements in their resumes. So, there is something you can do here. Apart from showcasing your achievements, be sure to mention what you are capable of.

9. Add Links on Your Resume

One of the best ways on how to write a CV for freshers is to add links to your resume.

If you are unable to concise everything about yourself in a single page, you can also direct the reader to your blog or your personal website by typing out the URL on your resume.

In this way, if the interviewer is interested in your profile, he or she may further investigate by following the URL.

10. Update Your Resume

Over the months or years you may have added more skills to your profile. An older resume will not have these newly added skills.

Be sure to update your resume every now and then including any change of address or phone number.

11. Cover Letter

Always fit your resume with a perfectly worded covering letter. Your covering letter should explain why you are fit for the current job profile.

The covering letter usually does not contain any information about your educational qualifications or other matters that are already contained in the resume.

A covering letter stresses on your personality more than your educational background and work experience.

12. Formatting Your Resume

Writing a resume involves more than actual content. The style and method of writing a resume is equally important. Here are some good resume writing tips for freshers

13. Font

While writing a resume, you must be sure to use a nice, legible print font. Do not use stylish fonts or fonts in cursive writing. The interviewer must be able to read your resume with ease. Your headings can be highlighted or in bold.

14. Font Size

The size of your font must be kept a normal print size. Usually 11 or a 12 size will be considered appropriate

15. Align Your Font

To make your resume look neat it is advisable to align your words to the left of the page or justify the entire document. This makes your resume look more professional.

16. Tabular Form

A resume in tabular form is more appealing than a resume in paragraph form. A tabular form of a resume is attractive and quick to read.

Also try to add bullet points wherever required. Bullet points makes for quick references in the document making it easier for the interviewer to  know more about you without having to peruse through the entire document in search of information.

17. Keywords


One of the most important resume tips for freshers is the use of keywords in your resume.

While browsing through job postings in a newspaper advertisement or magazine, the company looking for candidates usually spells out the requirements they are looking for.

Use these requirements as your keywords and use them in your resume.

Let’s take for example, a company advertisement in the newspaper reads:

Looking to hire enthusiastic and passionate candidates for a job profile in the HR sector of the company. Candidates having the required qualifications with a minimum of 2 years experience can send your CV to the below address.

Notice here, how the company has mentioned the words enthusiastic and passionate. These are your cues. Pick these as the keywords to use in your resume while applying for this particular job.

Also, the very fact that the company has stressed on a minimum 2 year experience means that they are looking to hire someone who already knows the job.

Do not ignore the advertisement just because you do not have the minimum work experience.

Many company’s mention this work experience requirement only because they do not want to teach basics to a fresher.

So, here again, it is pertinent to mention in your resume that you are fully aware of all the basics of HR and the job profile in hand. This would be enough to show the interviewer that you are as good as a candidate with experience.

18. Here’s What Not to Include on Your Resume
1. Avoid the Gaps

If you have taken a break in your career for a few months, you can avoid adding it on your resume unless it’s a significantly long break. However, be sure to answer honestly if you are asked about it face to face.

2. Cut the Insignificant Job List

If you have been working in another company for a relatively short time,say a month or two, you can avoid putting it down as work experience.

Such short working spans do not specifically add to any experience in the job and may also give a wrong impression to the reader. Having said that, prepare yourself in case you are questioned about it in your interview.

19. Proofreading

Another important CV tip for freshers is to proofread and edit your resume once you have written the first draft.

Resume is an important document and is probably the first impression any company gets about you. Ensuring that it is perfect and without mistakes is a massive hurdle crossed.

No one creates a perfect resume on their first try. Writing a perfect resume is not easy, but the easiest way to start is by having the right frame of mind. You can write many drafts before you come up with the final piece.

20. Saving and Printing

Person printing

Saving your resume in a PDF format is the smartest thing to do. You must also have a ready printed resume while walking in for  an interview, even if the company already has a pre printed resume beforehand.

Place a copy in the file or folder that you carry with you for the interview.  Another copy must be neatly folded and placed in an envelope, ready to be handed over to anyone from the company.

Always have a PDF file of your resume saved on your phone. This way you can email or whatsapp it to any person that may have interest in your profile.


These resume writing tips are very essentials for freshers as well as seasoned individuals. Following these tips will allow you to better yourself each time you apply for a job.

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