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Fantastic Tips to Beat the Monday Blues

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  • What is Monday morning blues
  • Reasons for Monday morning blues
  • Ways to overcome Monday blues.

Ever experienced a feeling of sadness gripping your heart on a Sunday night? Or the feeling of hate mixed with fear on a Monday morning? Well, this is Monday morning blues and trust me, it comes every week.

The meaning of Monday morning blues is a feeling of sadness and lack of interest to get the week started, especially after a weekend of relaxing.

The word “blues” here, refers to sadness and has nothing to do with the colour blue. It means “down in the dumps” or in simpler words “feeling low”.

Every Monday morning you might feel a pain in your heart or tug at your bones, telling you it’s a long week of drudgery ahead.

Especially after a fun filled weekend of joy and fun, your Monday alarm may sound like a nuclear bomb explosion.

So what happens to you on a bluish day? You don’t want to get out of bed but you have to and you do so reluctantly.

Even after you’re up and ready to get yourself to college or work, your bag seems too heavy, you miss your bus and forget an assignment at home. Nothing seems to be going right and what’s worse it’s just morning.

Again, while in office or college, your boss or teacher demands a file or homework submission and then it hits you that it’s Monday and you have the whole week ahead of you. A whole week of submissions, assignments and lots work.

This feeling pulls you into deep sadness and ultimately leads to a bad start for the entire week.

Stay calm, because there is a solution for everything. There is a way of beating the Monday blues and kick starting the week with enthusiasm and great zeal.

Let’s read on to find out a few tips to beat Monday blues.

The Reasons and Solutions to Overcome Monday Blues :

Blue MondayHere are some reasons for your Monday morning blues and some effective solutions for your problems.

The Reason
  • Super Fun Filled Weekend

You just had an extremely exciting weekend. A fun filled weekend with family or friends is the most special way to spend your weekends. You had a time of your life and just don’t want your weekend to end.

Alas! A day has only 24 hours and the other side of the Earth needs to wake up too. The weekend ends and it is Monday again.

This is one of the main reasons for Monday morning blues. A fantastic weekend abruptly comes to an end, literally overnight.

The Solution
  • Always Think Positive

One of the ways of how to beat the Monday morning blues which is caused by an over exciting weekend is to always think positive.

Always think that the next weekend is just 7 days or just 168 hours away. This way you will work yourself through the 168 hours with great passion until you come to another exciting weekend.

Another Reason
  • Dissatisfaction in Your Work or Course

Many times dissatisfaction in your work or unhappiness with your college course could be a reason for your Monday morning blues.

Maybe you did not get a job of your liking and had to settle for something that doesn’t give you that much joy. Or you have certain issues in your college that doesn’t motivate or challenge you enough

The Solution
  • Make Your Go-To Place Better

By this we mean, if you are working and suffer from severe Monday morning blues, make sure you make your office a better place to work.

Or if you are a student, speak to your teachers or friends and ask them for some help and advice regarding the course you have taken.

Sometimes, taking the aid of your teachers and friends can go a long way when it comes to facing the routine in college. This is one of the best ways of beating Monday morning blues.

The Reason
  • Boredom

One of the reasons for Monday morning blues is that you may be bored of the work you have to do. The work may not be challenging enough and you might find it a grind.

Many times, students and professionals believe that they are doing a job very mechanically without  any use of intellect.

This could be a cause for boredom on the work front. For example, an accountant who has been hired to enter data into the system may be doing it mechanically without the use of any brain power.

After a while this job becomes a vicious cycle that just keeps the system moving without any much effort. Here, the accountant who could be used for better purposes like complex calculations feels he or she is wasting her time.

The Solution
  • Invite Challenges

There may be a point in time where you feel the work you are doing is not challenging enough, like the example above.

This leads to Monday morning blues. The best way of how to overcome Monday Morning blues is put it across smartly to your teacher or boss.

Show them that you are ready for challenges and ready for something bigger. If you are a student, maybe you can take up a challenging course outside of college just to generate a sense of motivation for yourself.

So, till now we have seen some of the scenarios that could cause Monday morning blues, though there may be several other reasons that cause this sadness on Mondays.

6 Amazing Tips to Beat the Monday Blues:

Helpful tipsThere may be many reasons, but there are also many solutions to overcome Monday morning blues. Here are some tips to beat Monday blues.

1. Thank God It’s Friday

Have you ever heard the phrase Thank God It’s Friday. Well, it wasn’t made into a phrase for nothing. Make use of your Fridays to overcome the Monday morning blues.

We all love Fridays because the weekend is just around the corner. It is the biggest motivation to work harder on a Friday so that you can enjoy your weekend.

What if your Friday’s can serve as a solution to your Monday morning blues too? Work double the amount on a Friday so that you can lessen the burden of work on a Monday.

This way you can enter your Mondays, rest assured that you have already finished half your Mondays work on Friday.

2. Have Something Fun Lined Up

Another solution to how to beat the Monday blues is by planning something interesting or fun to do on a Monday.

You could plan an interactive team building program with your colleagues, or plan a coffee meet with your friends in the evening. So, here you have something to look forward to on a challenging Monday

3. Dress to Kill

Beating Monday blues can be a cake walk if you do something that makes you happy. Like dressing up for the office or college, or baking a cake or singing or just anything that makes you happy.

You can even indulge in some happy foods on a Monday. Keep a healthy check on your diet the rest of the days, but on Monday indulge a bit, just to overcome the blues.

4. Exercise

One of the tips to beat Monday blues is to start your day with a good exercise routine. Exercise reduces stress and anxiety and also promotes psychological well being.

Therefore, a good exercise routine on a Monday morning will work wonders on your overall mood.

5. Sleep to Keep the Blues Away

Sleep is very important for the human body. Without proper sleep, the entire routine can go haywire. So, if you want to avoid the Monday morning blues, make sure you get your full amount of sleep over the weekend.

In fact studies have shown that lack of sleep causes very dangerous side effects.

For one, lack of sleep causes depression and even damages the learning process. So, it is advisable to get your full amount of sleep as a solution to beating the Monday blues.

6. Learn to Stay Calm

Many times, anxiety is the root cause of Monday blues. The best way to overcome Monday blues is by searching for ways to remain calm.

Maybe you can involve yourself in a bit of yoga and meditation or something that relaxes you like listening to music or painting.


Monday Mornings can be so stressful, but being able to beat the Monday morning blues can give you a feeling of rejuvenation and new zest for life.

Try these tested methods to beat the Monday blues and experience a whole new world out there. It is important to note that you must make a differentiation between Monday morning blues and depression.

The two are very different from each other and the latter must be treated through a practicing health care worker. Monday morning blues can be busted with a change in attitude.

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