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12 Fantastic Interview Tips for Freshers and Students


  • Why it’s important to make a good impression at your interview
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Scared? Nervous? Anxious? Are these your feelings just before an interview? These are not feelings unique to you. As a fresher or a student, you must keep in mind that interviews are also part of the learning process.

If you are unable to crack an interview in the first attempt, don’t lose hope. Consider it your preparatory interview and be better prepared for your next interview. No matter what happens, use it as an experience to grow from.

So, why is it important to make a good and lasting impression in an interview? Well, the answer to this is simple.

An interview lasts for a few minutes and in these few minutes you have to outshine a hundred other candidates waiting outside.

You have a few moments to make a good impression. That is why it is necessary to prepare the best to make your first impression the best one.

12 Impressive Interview Tips for Freshers:

1. Never Be Complacent

When we use the word complacent, we mean to say, never be self approving. Never be too sure that the job is yours even though you feel you fit the job profile perfectly.

Always be aware that you have an interview and there are 100s of other job aspirants eyeing for the same job. The day before the interview, practice well, get a good sleep and eat well.

Following all these are contributing factors to facing your interview well. One of the best interview tips for students and freshers is that you must never be complacent. Always be prepared.

Even if you are very sure of cracking the interview, you must always be humble.

2. Arrive Well in Time for The Interview

Finger holding hanging clock

Arriving late for an interview is a way of saying that your time is more valuable than the time of the person who waited for you. This is basically starting on the wrong foot.

It also shows the interviewer that if you are not in control of the time, you are not in control of your results.

When you are late for an interview, remember that the interviewer has already formed an opinion about you much before your interview begins. Be on time because it shows you care and it is a sign of respect.

3. Knock Knock – Who’s There?

There may be a scene where you have to enter a separate room for an interview. In such cases, a secretary or office staff may direct you to the assigned interview room.

It is always advisable and courteous to knock or slightly tap on the door to seek permission to enter. Following this etiquette is a polite behaviour and adheres to social norms of the society.

Though you may think this action is insignificant, follow this protocol, after all, you don’t lose anything from it.

You must also practice a good handshake on the day prior to the interview. Believe it or not but there are various kinds of handshakes that have different interpretations.

4. Dress to The Occasion

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Casual attire and sloppy wear may give a wrong first impression to your interviewer. One of the best interview tips for students is to dress for the occasion, that is formal.

Always be well dressed and professional when it comes to your dressing. Irrespective of the fact that the company policies encourage casual dressing, always be formal for your interview.

Also remember to keep fresh, clean and ironed attire for your interview. Apart from dressing, take trouble to look formal with neatly brushed hair.

5. Be Alert, You May Be on Camera

Believe it or not, sometimes office spaces have cameras in the waiting rooms. Your interviewer may be watching you much before you step into the room for an interview.

So, stay clear of any casual behaviour even in the waiting room. Do not resort to your cell phone if the wait is too long. You can refer to books, newspapers or magazines that are available in the waiting room.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Also ensure that your cell phone is off or on the silent mode when you walk into the room for an interview.

6. Greetings and Salutations

One of the ways of how to impress your interviewer is by formally greeting and introducing yourself to the interviewer before the interview can begin.

Formally greeting your interviewer with a salutation according to the time of the interview, bowing your head slightly as acknowledgement and introducing yourself with your name are signs of confidence.

Make that first impression the best one because sometimes this turns out to be one of the best ways of how to impress an interviewer with self introduction.

7. Posture and Eye Contact


Be vigilant about your posture and actions while sitting across the interviewer. Maintaining eye contact is one of the key tips to impress the interviewer.

According to an article published in the Michigan State University a person should maintain eye contact for 50% of the time while talking and 70% of the time when listening.

This perfect percentage helps to build confidence and interest. The same article further added that eye contact is a skill and requires practice to master the art of eye contact.

You can also practice eye contact movements in front of a mirror before an interview.

Maintaining eye contact builds a connection with the interviewer and authenticates trustworthiness. There is a belief that when someone is lying, they look away.

Whether this is true or not, do not give scope for the interviewer to doubt your trustworthiness or honesty.

8. Research on The Company

Before you go for an interview, make sure that you know a lot about the company, like its founding members, latest policies etc.

Knowing about the company makes you more confident of answering questions. Also, voluntarily contributing information about the company to the interviewer can be some of the best words to impress an interviewer.

Some of the best words to impress an interviewer would be to voluntarily talk about how much you know about the company and your job profile.

You will be able to impress the interviewer with these words only when you have researched enough and more about the company.

The internet is a good place to start when it comes to researching the background of any company including the recent company mergers, acquisitions and other company policies.

When you volunteer this information, it gives the interviewer the impression that you are interested in the company.

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9. Never Lie on Your Resume

Resume and woman holding a laptop

Your resume is a concise reflection of yourself. Always ensure that your resume is true to your personality. Do not add unnecessary and frilly information about yourself.

Also remember to update your resume before attending any interview. Add all the courses, extra curricular activities or internships or job experiences you have had in the past or recently undertaken.

You may never know which aspect of your resume will impress the interviewer.

10. Watch Your Words

One of the best job interview tips for freshers is to speak appropriately. What we mean to say is that one must refrain from talking too much in an interview.

Answer to the point and volunteer only necessary information. Speaking more than required might be putting off the interviewer.

You can also ask the interviewer some relevant questions yourself.

11. Show Your Passion and Enthusiasm to Work for The Company

You can show your enthusiasm to work for the company, not only through your words but also through your gestures and body language.

Narrate personal stories related to the questions asked in an interview. Adding a personal touch shows your interest in the interview and the job.

It is good to showcase your communication skills while at an interview. Communication skills means the ability to share ideas effectively.

Though communication skills include verbal as well as written communication, in an interview your verbal skills are put to test.

An interview is a great place to show how well you are able to communicate. It gives the interviewer an idea of how you will be able to work in a team, receive orders from and give instructions to other co workers.

While you must not try to over impress the interviewer with the use of flowery words and information that is not relevant to the job profile, you must communicate with the interviewer in such a manner that shows the interviewer that you have effective communication skills.

Always remember, communication skills also include good listening skills.

12. End Your Interview Graciously


One of the ways on how to impress your interviewer is to graciously end your interview with a thank you expression and follow it up with an email informing the interviewer that you look forward to hearing from them regarding the status of your employment with the company.

Your emails must be crisp and to the point. Writing a thank you note and an email to the interviewer after the interview, shows your enthusiasm and eagerness to be associated with the company.


Interviews can be challenging while some can be cake walks, whatever the situation it is best to be well prepared.

Facing interviews is the best way to improve your communication skills. Do not feel deterred if you do not get selected in an interview.

There are always many more that will come your way. Each interview will be a training for the best one that finally awaits you. Remember, all your hard work will pay off.

As you walk in to the interview, believe in yourself and your potential and success shall be yours.

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