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Pillar of Your Child’s Success: Here’s Why GK Is Important for Students

General Knowledge, the vast knowledge about varied and diverse subjects, can be any student’s best friend!

This knowledge learned by a student from the surroundings and from day-to-day happenings can help the student excel in academics. It can also be of great help in the long run, as it opens up new avenues and possibilities.

The Oxford Dictionary mentions that General Knowledge is “information on many different subjects that you collect gradually, from reading, television, etc, rather than detailed information on subjects that you have studied formally.”

Importance of General Knowledge

They say knowledge is power. This is absolutely true because the students who have upgraded their knowledge about various categories of General Knowledge- may it be sports, science and technology, current affairs, or even entertain and showbiz can articulate eloquently.

It is a general tendency among parents to ignore General Knowledge as a subject, as they often wonder why General Knowledge is important.

Parents can understand the importance of General Knowledge in students’ life only when they look beyond the mark sheet and weigh the benefits of investing time in learning General Knowledge.

It is very important to teach General Knowledge in schools because this is one subject which can play a vital role in the lives of the students.

7 Benefits of Teaching General Knowledge in Schools:

1. Play with Words!


A student who excels in a quiz competition or a student who can recall relevant episodes from pages of history and use it in correct context over a conversation surely makes a lasting impression.

That is the significance of General Knowledge. Students, who know about current affairs and the latest developments happening across the globe, present themselves in a confident and impressive manner.

2. Unconventional Career Avenues

A student, who has the weapon of General Knowledge, can always dare to tread paths less taken. From being a motivational speaker to a quizzer, they can explore unconventional career avenues.

If they opt to choose conventional careers (News anchors, journalists, RJs etc) they can set bright examples by showcasing their deep knowledge on array of subjects.

3. Stand Out

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The students who can incorporate trivia and current affairs into their notes and answer sheets are the ones who will always stand out from the crowd.

General Knowledge gives the students the ability to ‘think out of the box’ and approach their syllabus from a different perspective.

This knowledge specifically comes in handy to students when they appear for competitive exams and face interviews.

4. Break the Ice

Students equipped with the tool of General Knowledge always find it easy to socialize and break the ice. These students are in a better position to start a conversation or engage listeners in intriguing deliberations.

Knowledge of religions, cultures, faith, and geography helps students in the long run when they get opportunities to meet people from other countries or cultures.

This can also help students handle the pressure of working in a multi-culture workplace.

5. Leadership Skills


Sound knowledge about politics, policies, finance, or any other day-to-day happening can help students form or influence opinions.

A student who scans through news platforms and stays upgraded has an edge over others when it comes to forming or influencing opinions.

This, in a way, contributes to leadership qualities in a student. Knowledge of politics, policies and finances can also help students make sensible decisions in the long run.

6. Stay Occupied

With the advent of the internet and social media, students are losing the habit of reading and upgrading knowledge.

However, if students have an inclination towards General Knowledge, they can stay occupied in a constructive way, rather than killing time on social networking sites!

7. Develop the Art of Reading

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Reading has become a rare art, especially among students. Once a student develops a keen interest in General Knowledge, the quest for knowing more will bring students closer to books. The newfound interest can breathe life into the lost art of reading.


In today’s competitive world, children have to broaden their horizons and look beyond the syllabus. It has become imperative for students to learn, not just within the four walls of the classroom.

A student who learns from the surroundings builds a stronger foundation of knowledge for oneself. It is the General Knowledge that gives students the confidence to know from Grassroots to Galaxies and everything in between.

With all the takeaways, it is clear that teaching General Knowledge is important so that students can shape their future in a better way.

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