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Jobs Galore in Mangalore City

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A picturesque article about the development of Mangalore city in terms of job opportunities and healthy living. Get information on how Mangalore is attracting the white collar professionals.


  • Mangalore’s emergence as a go-to residential destination
  • Mangalore Vs Metro cities
  • Job Opportunities in Mangalore
  • Various employment generating industries in Mangalore
  • Public and private sector efforts to meet the employment needs in the city.

The beach city of Mangalore, known for its serene and pristine shores, is nestled between the Arabian sea and the lofty western ghats.

The city is also known for its vibrant and cosmopolitan life. The attractive landscapes, uncrowded location and delicious cuisine have attracted a sizeable population into the city.

The city is also an educational hub of the state of Karnataka, with numerous premier professional institutions in and around the city. These top-class educational institutions have churned out quality professionals over the years.

This has prompted the Government and private sectors to open up various industries in and around Mangalore, to attract the youth with lucrative jobs within the city.

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of Karnataka, has been the most sought-after destination in terms of ease of living, job prospects and education.

However, with Bangalore becoming saturated and congested, people are now looking at two-tier cities like Mangalore that offer a better quality of life.

In fact, a survey conducted by Union Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry in 2020, rated Mangalore 20 among 62 cities in India in terms of the ease of living index. The survey took into consideration the adoption and implementation of the Central Governments Smart city initiatives.

Mangalore Students graduating from institutions in and around Mangalore are now looking to get absorbed in companies within the city rather than to make a living outside.

Why Are People Now Looking for Jobs in Mangalore Rather than The Metro Cities?

Mangalore Top ViewMetro cities like Bangalore in Karnataka or Chennai in Tamil Nadu have no dearth of opportunities when it comes to finding jobs.

However, congested city life is what people are running away from nowadays. Life in metros has become hectic and exhausting. There is little or no time for family, friends or any kind of social life.

What a metro life cannot give you, two-tier cities like Mangalore can give you that and much more. Mangalore is a new-age city, with the right mixture of both a quiet and bustling life.

Its uncrowded streets, smooth-flowing traffic, cosmopolitan crowd and scrumptious cuisine add to the attractiveness of the city. Mangalore gives you the best of both worlds- Job satisfaction, competitive salaries and ease of living.

The question now arises- What kind of job opportunities are there in Mangalore?

Mangalore has not reached its full potential when it comes to exploiting all the areas of jobs in the city. However, we can rightfully say that Mangalore is surely emerging as one of the top destinations for jobs in the state.

Jobs in The IT Industries

The Calling of The Software Industry

One of the emerging jobs in Mangalore is in the IT industry. Several Multinational IT companies have already set up a base in the city. Some of the present software companies already present in Mangalore are:

  • Infosys
  • Cognizant Technologies
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Mphasis

Apart from these already established companies, several start-up companies and Mangalore based companies have established their offices in the city of Mangalore.

  • Winman Software
  • Diya Systems
  • Robosoft Technologies among others.

For the effective development of IT in the city, the Government has taken up the initiative of setting up a tech park within the city limits. Mangalore’s IT park, KEONICS, is a Karnataka State Electronics Development Corporation initiated by the Government of Karnataka.

It comprises 3.25 acres of land dedicated to the development of electronics, IT workspace, and other social infrastructure in Mangalore.

The development of KEONICS and other software companies in and around Mangalore has resulted in the absorption of local talent in the software field.

Fresh graduates in the software field are looking to remain within the comfort of Mangalore city by seeking employment in these software companies.

Reciprocatively, the software companies in Mangalore prefer to hire graduates and residents from in and around Mangalore. This ensures employers of  job stability and longer work tenures.

The Big P Industrial Jobs

Procurement, Processing and Packaging Industries in Mangalore

sea food packaging in mangaloreJob opportunities in Mangalore are plenty when it comes to the manufacturing sector. Baikampady, a designated industrial, processing and manufacturing area of Mangalore is bustling with several private industries.

These industries provide job opportunities in various fields like skilled labour, unskilled labour, technical and management jobs.

The spices industry and Cashew Industry are forerunners when it comes to employing the workforce in the city.

Owing to its proximity to the port and Indian cashew farms, the cashew industry has flourished in and around Mangalore city. The cashew industry employs skilled and unskilled workforce.

The Special Economic Zone

Job in Companies Under the Mangalore SEZ

The Mangalore Special Economic Zone is one of the country’s most popular manufacturing destinations. MSEZ has exports of more than US $400 million.

The MSEZL is located 15km from the city of Mangalore. It is jointly promoted by Oil & Natural Gas Corporation, Infrastructure Leasing and Finance Services, Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board and Kanara Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Several companies have already set up branches in the Mangalore SEZ. Some of the companies already functioning under the SEZ, providing employment opportunities and attracting a sizeable number of employable youths are

  • ONGC Mangalore Petrochemicals Limited [OMPL]
  • Cardolite Speciality Chemicals [CSL]
  • Syngene International Limited
  • Authentic Ocean Treasure
  • Shree Ulka LLP

Apart from MSEZ, there are several other Government initiatives for the setting up of Special Economic Zones in the city.

  • Ganjimutt
  • Thumbay
  • Padubidri

The development of the SEZs is attracting more companies every year. Thereby generating more profitable job opportunities for young and experienced aspirants.

If You Can Convert Window Shopping Into Sales Then This Is the Job for You

Job Opportunities in The Retail Sector

INR in a cartUp until the year 2004, Mangalore had not ventured deeply into the retail sector. The city experienced the mall culture only after 2005.  The retail sector grew in the city, only after the arrival of the malls.

The arrival of malls in the city gave rise to increased job opportunities in Mangalore. Employment in the management sector, retail, staff, billing, sales have increased over the years

Employment Is Your Right.

Initiatives to Provide Gainful Employment Opportunities

To aid aspirants seek the right job, several Government bodies and private establishments have been hosting job fairs in and around the city.

These job fairs invite employers from various companies to set up stalls at the fair venue. This gives a chance to aspirants to know exactly what jobs are available in the city.

It also provides information on what skills the employers are looking for. It not only helps proprietors hire the right candidates but also helps aspiring applicants upgrade their skills and be future-ready.

The Disha Job Fair held in Mangalore University campus in 2018 was a grand success. It gave employment information to the aspiring youth.

The Udyog Mela 2021 will be held across different cities in the country including Mangalore. It aims at introducing unemployed youth to various job opportunities in the growing business economy of Mangalore city.

Recruiters from multiple platforms like, Agriculture, Food, Dairy, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Retail, Automobile, IT, Finance, Banking, Engineering and Construction take part in this job fair.


As the saying goes “slow and steady wins the race” we can apply the same to the job scene in Mangalore. The steady development of expanding career opportunities in the city is making it possible to accordingly plan the development in the city.

Sudden and rapid investment in the city may lead to haphazard infrastructure development. This in turn will ruin the foundations of the city, especially in terms of building constructions, drainage systems and traffic congestions.

Therefore, it can be rightfully predicted, that in the years to come, Mangalore will be an employment hotspot, in a safe, secure and planned city.

Mangalore – A dream job destination in the years to come!!!

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