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Advantages of Pursuing Masters in Nursing


  • Is doing a masters degree in nursing worth it?
  • Reasons preventing you from doing a masters degree
  • Advantages of doing a masters degree

Now that you have completed your Bachelor undergraduate degree in nursing, you may be wondering what is the value of a masters degree in nursing?

If you have already secured yourself a job, then you may wonder if it’s a good plan to quit your job and further your education with a masters degree.

You think of all those hours of studying, burning the midnight oil, and wonder if you can do it all over again. So, you are in a dilemma- pursue your masters in nursing or not?

Well, a masters degree after any graduation is always an added advantage. The same goes with nursing too. A masters degree in nursing will give you the advantages of any masters degree.

However, the first question that may pop up is should I leave my lucrative job as a nurse to pursue a master degree?

Well the answer is a big YES. Although there are many colleges that offer long distance courses or evening classes for masters in nursing.

So you might not have to leave your job to pursue your master in nursing either. Also, we fully recommend you study further because of the great value of a masters degree in nursing.

11 Fantastic Benefits of Master’s Degree in Nursing

In this article we have mentioned some of the specific benefits of a masters degree in nursing. Read on for more information

1. Higher Job Profiles

One of the answers to the question- what can you do with a masters degree in nursing is that you can secure a higher job profile in management or in any influential position.

A higher position comes with its own set of merits like respect and honour.

2. High Salaries

As is the case with any masters degree, one of the advantages of a masters degree in nursing is that one can earn higher remuneration based on the level of education. The higher the academic qualification, the higher the remuneration.

Although, this depends from department to department, the general theory is that the higher your education, the better is your level of expertise and therefore deserves a higher salary.

3. Greater Knowledge

The main reason to get masters in nursing is to expand your knowledge on the subject matter. Greater the education, greater is the level of your expertise.

It is a given fact that a doctoral holder will have more knowledge than a masters degree holder and a masters degree holder will have more knowledge than a bachelor degree holder.

Therefore, it is always better to increase your level of expertise with an added masters degree.

4. Diverse Career Options

Different optionsA masters degree in nursing can give you a whole new world of career options. With a masters degree in hand you can look for new career opportunities.

Some health care departments require nurses to have a masters degree in order to be employed in certain sectors.

Nurses with a masters degree can look to make a career in education, teaching other aspiring nurses in nursing colleges. These nurses can also look for opportunities in the managerial position.

5. Increased Responsibility

If you are a person who likes challenges and more responsibilities, then doing a masters degree will be beneficial for you.

Some hospitals allow nurses with a masters degree to prescribe basic medications and do an initial diagnosis and treatment of patients. This gives nurses a sense of pride and responsibility.

6. Choose an Area of Work You Love

One of the benefits of a masters degree in nursing is that you can choose the area of specialisation of your masters degree.

A bachelor’s degree in nursing allows you to work in all fields on a rotation basis. You may be placed in areas where your interest falls short.

Whereas, when you do your masters in nursing you choose the field you are interested in like neonatal nursing care, geriatric care, operation theatre specialist among others.

7. Chances of Sponsorship

Person holding a sponsor tagNurses who wish to further their education with a masters degree often find that their employers are more than happy to help them pursue their masters.

Many hospitals also provide financial assistance to nurses who wish to pursue their masters degree in nursing.

8. Opportunity for A Doctorate

Of the many reasons to get a masters degree in nursing one of them is that with a masters in nursing you can look to further your education by following it up with a doctorate.

A doctorate in nursing is possible only once you have completed your masters.

9. Stable Career

concept of career advancementA masters degree in nursing is the basis of a stable career growth path. You carve a niche for yourself which is apart from the other nursing graduates who are bachelor degree holders.

The World Health organisation has stated that there is at least a 50% shortage of nursing practitioners around the world.

If this is the statistics of basic nurses with bachelor degrees then the shortage of nurses with a masters degree would be much more.

10. Get Introduced to Research Work

Pursuing a masters degree involves a lot of research work. This research work that you are exposed to can expand your knowledge 10 fold.

Research work involves deep investigations, fact finding and a lot of groundwork. Exposing yourself to such work while pursuing your masters degree in nursing will increase your knowledge by leaps and bounds.

11. Do It for Yourself

The value of a masters degree in nursing is nothing if you don’t do it for yourself. A masters degree in nursing means a lot when you do it for yourself.

It gives you the self satisfaction that you have achieved something great. Doing a masters degree in nursing if followed by pride, honour and gratification.


For all the above reasons, it is advantageous to pursue your masters degree in nursing. As is the case with any masters degree, a masters degree in nursing offers innumerable benefits.

If you wish to see a steady and stable career in nursing then, pursuing your masters is just right for you.

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