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14 Top Paying Nursing Jobs Across the Globe

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  • The Noble profession of Nursing
  • The need for nurses around the world
  • The top paying nursing jobs in the world today

Today, the need for nurses has been felt more than any other profession in the world. The recent pandemic that hit the world in 2019 and continues to ravage the world today, has seen a significant rise in the need for nursing care all over the world.

The World Health Organisation announced the need for nurses to achieve world health targets. The WHO called for an immediate investment in nursing education and reiterated the need to add more than 6 million nurses in the health organisation.

In its report published in the State of The Worlds Nursing 2020, the World Health Organisation stated that there was a global shortage of around 6 million nurses in the health sector.

The profession of nursing has always been fulfilling and gratifying. In fact their contribution has been duly noted by Dr Takeshi Kasai, WHO Regional Director of the Western Pacific who rightly stated “Nurses are the unsung heroes of the COVID-19 response. The invaluable role they have played is testimony of their sacrifice, courage and commitment to a healthier and safer world.”

In the honour of all the nurses and midwives during the COVID 19 pandemic, WHO has dedicated the theme of the world environment day, 7th april 2020, to nurses and midwives.

The Need for Nurses

Nurses all over the world are the foremost caregivers to patients. Nurses are the key players when it comes to providing critical as well as superficial care to patients.

Nurses are also the first assistants to doctors and specialists. The heavy dependence of the health sector on nurses cannot be undermined.

In this regard, it can be said that nurses form an important and vital part of any hospital or medical centre staff.

Nursing staff perform various roles based on the level of authority wielded by them. Accordingly, based on the qualification and demand by the medical industry, the different types of nursing qualifications attract varied pay scales.

Through this article we attempt to list out the top paying nursing jobs across the globe. Before we get into the details, let’s list out some of the factors that affect the pay scale of nurses.

Academic Qualification

One of the foremost factors that affects highest paid nursing positions is the academic qualifications and specialisation.

A nurse with a graduate degree in nursing is more likely to earn more than a nurse with a diploma qualification.

Similarly, a nurse holding a degree in a specialised nursing course may be in a better position than a nurse without this added qualification.

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In nursing, the number of years of experience is a great determining factor when it comes to top paying nursing careers.


Another important factor that determines the highest paying nursing careers is the location of work. Different countries have contrasting salary modules for various categories of nurses.

Luxembourg in Western Europe is known to have the highest pay scale for nurses when compared to the rest of the world.

Also within the same country, a nurse employed in a private sector may have a large difference in pay scale when compared to a nurse qualified in the same field but employed in the Government sector.

Keeping these above factors in mind, we can say that the highest paying nursing jobs may vary from country to country.

However, based on research and global studies, we can determine some of the highest paid nursing positions around the world.

It is important to mention that students entering the noble profession of nursing, often enter with the sole purpose of helping and caring for the community.

Aspiring nurses are often intrigued into the profession because of the honour attached to providing care to patients in need.

However, while choosing a particular course, students may also take into account the pay package of the particular career.

Students may choose courses that are monetarily more rewarding. This is natural and one of the only ways to secure your future.

Many aspiring nurses often ask what nursing specialities that make the most money?

We will try to answer this from the global perspective, keeping the world wide nursing profession in mind.

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14 Top Paying Nursing Careers

1. Certified Registered Nurse (Anesthetist)

Topping the list of the highest paid nursing specialities is the specialisation as an anesthetist. A Certified Registered Nurse in Anesthesia is required to assist doctors and medical staff in critical and complex medical procedures.

As the job requires tactful skill, on spot diagnosis and immediate actions that have a direct effect on patient life, this specialisation is regarded as one of the most riskiest and therefore most paid nursing jobs.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics the average income of a Certified Registered Nurse in Anesthesia is around $1,81,000/- per annum.

2. Infant Care or Neonatal Nurses

Nurses holding baby

Another course among the nurse specialities that makes most money is the specialisation in neonatal or infant care. By neo natal, we mean the critical care of newborn babies.

Hospitals with neonatal intensive care units require the full time assistance of neonatal care nurses. New born babies are tender and require utmost care and supervision.

In the case of new born babies born prematurely or sick newborn babies, the need for nurses experienced in neonatal care are of utmost importance.

On an average Neonatal nurses earn around $1,27,000/- a year.

3. Clinical Nurse Specialists

A Clinical Nurse Specialist is a nurse who is involved in clinical research and management and is also actively involved in treatment of patients.

The role of a clinical research specialist is more like that of an all rounder who performs multiple tasks in a medical facility.

The average salary of a clinical Nurse Specialist in America is around $1,09,000/-.

4. Cardiac Nursing Specialist

As the name suggests, nurses who specialise in providing cardiac care to patients are called cardiac nursing specialists.

Here, these specialised nurses perform a vital role in assisting cardiac specialist doctors and   surgeons. They perform in depth analysis on patients and provide information to the doctors for the required treatment.

Cardiac Nursing specialists are in high demand because of the nature of the work involved. Cardiac patients are many times brought to hospitals in emergency conditions which require quick responses and actions.

Therefore, cardiac nursing specialists are in great demand and are one of the highest paid nursing positions.

In the United States of America, the average annual salary of a cardiac nursing specialist is around $1,16,000/-.

5. Psychiatric/Mental Health  Nurse Practitioner

Mental Health or Psychiatric nurse practitioners provide assistance with patients suffering from mental disorders such as ADHD, anxiety or any other similar psychiatric problems.

Psychiatric nurses are in high demand because of the prevailing high rate of mental conditions like anxiety and depression in today’s world.

These nurses are highly qualified to assist Psychiatrists and Psychologists. This speciality in nursing is one of the top paying nursing jobs because nurses must possess the rare qualities of empathy, awareness and sensitivity towards patients.

The annual salary of a Psychiatric Nursing practitioner is around $117000/-.

6. Oncology Nursing Practitioner

Oncology is that part of medicine that deals with the prevention, treatment and cure for cancer. Oncology Nursing practitioners are those nurses that assist in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

These nurses assist physicians and surgeons. More importantly oncology nurses have the task of caring for the patients and the family of the patients during the process of treatment of such a deadly and devastating disease.

Cancer patients and their families undergo a lot of stress. It is the duty of oncology nursing practitioners to remain empathetic towards the patients and their family members at all times.

Oncology practitioner nurses have to also care for cancer patients during the critical stages and also guide and encourage cancer survivors.

Apart from this these nurses are required to administer medication, analyse reports and track the progress of patients.

As oncology nursing practitioners may require to work long hours and in emergency situations, the salary of these nurses are high. Oncology nursing practitioners earn around $71000/- per year.

7. General Nursing and Midwifery

In India, the General Nursing and Midwifery course is a paramedical diploma course. The course is for a duration of three and a half years.

Trained and registered nurses in this field are required to assist in the care and treatment of patients. These nurses have the first contact with patients throughout the day and must develop empathy towards patients and their family.

They administer medication to the patients and see to the wellbeing of the patients at all times. This is one of the highest paid nursing jobs with an average annual salary of $1,14,000/- per annum.

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8. Nursing Administrator

A nursing administrator is the head of the nursing staff in a healthcare facility. A nursing administrator is usually a registered nurse with high nursing qualifications and many years of experience.

The primary work of a nursing administrator is to oversee the work of other nurses. Nursing administrator may have the responsibility of managing the entire hospital nursing staff or nursing staff of particular units within a hospital.

The nursing administrator shoulders great responsibility in a medical centre. It is one of the best paying nursing specialties with an average annual salary of around $1,30,000 per year.

9. Family Nurse

A family nurse is a nurse that has to be compassionate with patients. A family nurse is continuously connected with the patients at all levels of care giving and across all age groups, genders and illnesses.

This specialisation of nurses provide preventive as well as curable care to patients.

Family nursing practitioners are one of the most paid nursing jobs around the world because of the nature of care they provide.

These nurses are highly skilled and emphatic towards patients and their families. Family nursing practitioners receive an average annual income of $1,14,000/-.

10. Nurse Researcher

As the name suggests nursing researchers are involved in the collection of information and research in specific fields of the healthcare system.

They research better ways to improve the health care services. They have an intriguing job of working within specific grants and funds allotted for the purpose of research within a hospital.

Nurse researchers have often made recommendations in the following fields of research

  • Better ways to manage patient treatment and care in hospitals
  • Effective methods of post surgery patient care
  • Patient safety in hospitals

Nurse research is another good paying nursing jobs in the world. On an average nursing researches in India receive a monthly salary of around Rs 30,000/-.

11. Nurse Educators or Nurse Teachers

Nurse teachers are registered nurses with a high degree of qualification. These nurses can take up the profession of training and educating aspiring nurses in nursing colleges across the globe.

Just as a teacher or an educator, a nursing educator also follows a certain curriculum and syllabus. However, a nursing educator will have to work out an effective plan for imparting lessons in nursing.

Nursing educators are in high demand because of the increase in the demand for nurses all across the globe. Nursing students require mentors and teachers in the field of nursing. In India, a nursing educator receives an average salary of INR 35,000 per month.

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12. Gerontological Nursing Profession

A Gerontological nurse provides care to older patients. Usually such trained nurses are attached to the geraitric wings of hospitals.

This nursing specialisation is one of the top paying nursing jobs because of the nature of work involved. Nurses in geriatric care have to be compassionate and patient with old patience.

Nurses are required to provide Utmost care to the patients and must be able to converse with patients and provide support to them and family members.

Geriatric nurses are well trained in age related diseases like alzhemiers, osteoporosis, immobility etc. Gerontological Nurse may earn up to INR 3,30,000/- in India.

13. Intensive Care Unit Nurse

ICU Nurse

An intensive care Unit Nurse is also called by the name Critical care unit Nurse. So, as the name suggests, the job of a critical care nurse involves emergency and intense situations during surgeries and other medical emergencies in a hospital.

ICU nurses are always on duty and have demanding jobs. The job is intense and difficult and challenging. Nurses are required to have adept skills to assist doctors and to care for patients in critical conditions. Nurses are expected to be on their toes at all times during their duty hours.

Intensive care unit Nurses in India are remunerated well. The average salary of an ICU Nurse in India is around INR 30,000/- a month.

14. Pain Management Nurse

The top priority of pain management nurses is to work in coordination with doctors to relieve acute pain in patients. Pain management nurses are required to administer appropriate medications to relieve the pain for patients complaining of severe levels of pain.

Apart from administering medication, pain management nurses must have a healing and curative nature.  Pain management nurses on an average receive a salary of around $60,000/- per year.


In view of the rise in the demand of nurses, not only in India, but all over the world, the number of students enrolling for the nursing profession has increased manifold.

Nurses are well paid throughout the world and the profession is well respected throughout. There is a direct relation between the well being of the health industry and the quality of nurses.

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