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Top Paramedical Courses with The Highest Paying Salaries


  • What are paramedical courses?
  • Importance of paramedics in the health department
  • Top paramedic courses that offer high paying salaries.
  • Average salary of paramedical professions in India.

Paramedical courses are much sought after in India and throughout the world. The recent pandemic has also contributed to the increase in demand for paramedical professionals.

Paramedical professionals contribute greatly in the recovery of patients. The profession mostly deals with assisting doctors in complex surgeries along with diagnostic assistance and allied health care services.

Apart from doctors, paramedics also form the backbone of the health care sector. Paramedics perform various roles from pre clinical jobs to surgical assistance and post surgical therapy.

Many colleges in India and abroad offer top paramedical courses that make lucrative careers with high paying salaries.

Top 9 Paramedical Courses with High Salary

Though paramedical courses can be pursued through certificate courses, graduate level courses or diplomas, in this article we will speak of the top paramedical courses with high salaries at an undergraduate level.

Paramedical courses are popular amongst students who wish to provide allied medical care to the society.

Many students opt for paramedical courses because of the interest in the field of allied medical health care.

These paramedical courses can be pursued after completed 10+2 course in Science.

1. B.Sc Physiotherapy

PhysiotherapistsOne of the best paramedical courses with a high salary is B.Sc in Physiotherapy.

Students who wish to pursue BSc in Physiotherapy can expect to get good jobs with high paying salaries. Physiotherapists are in high demand and are immediately absorbed by health care centres and hospitals.

This is a 3 year undergraduate course in India. On completion of the course students will be able to treat a variety of ailments from injuries to disabilities in patients. Physiotherapists are also in demand in post surgical recovery cases.

The average base salary of a BSc Physiotherapist is around Rs 2,75,000 annum.

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2. B.Sc Radiology

BSc Radiology is another popular paramedical course that offers lucrative careers and salaries. Again the course is a three year undergraduate course that can be pursued on completion of 10+2 Science.

The course trains students in human body imaging through radiography. The job of a radiologist is very important as it is the basis of any diagnosis.

Without a thorough and professional job of a radiologist, the work of the doctor would be almost impossible.

A course in BSc Radiology also includes training in radiography, MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound and other imaging devices.

In India the average salary of a radiology technician is around Rs 2,52,000/_ per annum.

3. B.Sc Audiology and Speech Therapy

One of the top best paramedical courses is a course in Audiology and speech therapy. It is an undergraduate course that can be completed within 3 years.

Students who complete Audiology and Speech therapy are competent to treat patients with hearing and speech disorders.

Students who possess great communication skills often opt for this course as the course demands a high level of interaction with patients who are unable to communicate verbally.

The average salary of an audiology and speech therapist in India is around Rs 2,70,000/- per year.

4. B.Sc Medical Lab Technician

Lab TechnicianBSc Medical Lab technology is a popular paramedical course in India. Medical Lab technicians are associated with diagnostic services.

They perform various blood cultures and diagnostics on body fluids like hematology, bacteriology and immunology.

There are several job titles a Medical Lab Technician can possess such as laboratory manager, medical officer and lab assistants among others.

The job profile of a lab technician is challenging and requires effort and expertise. Students who are willing to put in hours of dedicated service to the medical fraternity can pursue a course in Medical Lab Technology.

In India the average salary of a medical lab technician per annum is around Rs 2,16,000/-.

5. Bachelor’s in Operation Theatre Management

One of the best paramedical courses for the future is Bachelors in Operation Theatre and management. It is a three year undergraduate course in India.

As the name suggests, students interested in this course will be subject to practical and theoretical training in operation theatre management such as managing patient records, theatre details such as sterilisation of premises and surgical instruments.

Operation theatre managers assist doctors and surgeons during complex surgeries and procedures in the operation theatre.

They form an integral part of the medical team in any surgical procedure. Therefore, operation theatre managers are required to be alert as  they may be on call at any time of the day and in emergency situations.

An operations theatre manager can earn a salary of more than around Rs 3,00,000/- per year in India.

6. Bachelor of Science Ophthalmic Technology

This undergraduate degree is a three year course after 10+2 science stream. Students opting to pursue a course in BSc Ophthalmic Technology will be competent to make initial diagnosis for eye problems and disorders.

Graduates can assist opthamologists in eye and retina surgeries and also assist in optical showrooms for initial diagnostics of power lens.

Students graduating from this course can also work in multinational companies that deal with eye care products.

7. B.Sc in Dialysis Therapy

Among the paramedical courses available in the country, Bachelors in Dialysis therapy is a popular course amongst students.

It is considered as one of the best paramedical courses with a high salary. Students are trained to use devices and machines for dialysis treatment of patients. It is a three year undergraduate course.

The course trains students in the field of dialysis and its treatment. Students are trained to know about the kidney, its functions, diagnosis of issues and treatment of kidney ailments.

Students are also trained in the basics of renal transplants and other kidney related diseases.

The lack of dialysis therapists have given rise to its immediate demand. Students graduating in Dialysis therapy are easily absorbed by medical health centres across the country.

Students can apply for jobs as Dialysis therapist, dialysis technicians, medical assistants or dialysis assistants.

The average salary of a graduate in Dialysis therapy is around Rs 2,36,000/- per year.

8. Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Science

Yoga during sunsetThe Bachelor of Naturopathy ad Yogic Science is a 5 and half year course which includes 1 year of internship. This undergraduate program is considered as one of the top paramedical courses.

Naturopathy deals with the science of treatment of ailments and illnesses without the use of drugs.

Treatment through naturopathy deals with self controlling or self healing procedures like exercise, diet, acupuncture and acupressure.

This also deals with yoga and its sciences for health and fitness. Students graduating in naturopathy and yogic science are eligible to practice in naturopathy clinics, as yoga instructors and rehabilitation centres.

The average base salary of naturopathy therapists is around Rs 3,60,000/- per annum.

9. Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists is another paramedical course that can earn high returns.

They deal with the mental and physical wellbeing of a person, by using scientific methods to optimise a person’s ability to function and perform meaningful activities like work, social interactions or simply daily living.

The main function of an occupational therapist is to eliminate or help overcome disabilities in people so that they can perform daily activities that are useful to them.

Occupational therapists deal with rehabilitation of people. They could include rehabilitation of delinquents, or child care. The average base salary of an occupational therapist is around Rs 7,82000 per year.

General Average Salary of Paramedical Course Graduates

Looking at the summary of  all the above courses and the salaries they offer, we can conclude that the average paramedical graduate earns around Rs 2,00,000/- to Rs 3,00,000/- per annum, though this figure may vary according to experience. Also the private sector is said to offer higher salaries than Government health centres.


Paramedical courses in the country are in high demand. Paramedical Graduates can also further their qualification by supplementing it with a masters degree in the same line.

This gives an added advantage to the paramedical undergraduate. As seen above, paramedical graduates assist professionals in the field of medicine. They form an important part of the healthcare system.

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