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10 Ways to Crack NEET

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The article contains information on the National Eligibility Entrance Test which is the only entrance examination for all medical seats in India. Find more details on :

  • NEET curriculum and questioning pattern
  • Ways to crack NEET in the first attempt
  • Tips from NEET toppers

The National Eligibility Entrance Test, is an all India entrance examination for admissions to undergraduate MBBS and BDS courses.

The NEET examination is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). The aim of the NTA is to test the competence of students for admission into higher education institutions in India.

The NTA is responsible for conducting the following All India examinations

  • Joint Entrance Examination – Main (JEE Main)
  • National Eligibility cum Entrance Test Undergraduate (NEET)
  • Common Management Admission Test (CMAT)
  • Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test (GPAT)
  • National Eligibility Test (UGC NET)
  • National Eligibility Test (CSIR NET)
  • Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Entrance Examination
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University Entrance Examination (JNUEE)
  • IGNOU PhD and OPENMAT (MBA) Entrance Examination
  • ICAR’s All India Entrance Exam for Admission (AIEEA)
  • National Council for Hotel Management Joint Entrance Examination (NCHM JEE)
  • Delhi University Entrance Examination (DUET)

The Supreme Court, on April 11th, 2016, declared that NEET is the only one and compulsory examination for all admissions to MBBS and BDS courses.

The Constitutional validity of this Act has been upheld by the Hon’ble Supreme Court vide its Judgement dated 29 April 2020 in the matter of Christian Medical College Vellore Association vs. UOI & Ors.

The NEET examination is a highly competitive examination, with around 16,00,000 students attempting the exam every year.

With the competition level at its peak, preparation for the examination can be very demanding and highly challenging.

At times, preparing for this examination can be stressful and trying. Therefore, with the help of experts and highly researched, scientifically proven methods, we have documented a plan and strategy on  how to crack NEET without coaching.

How to Crack NEET ……..And Still Keep Your Sanity

OMR Sheet

For the sake of convenience and for better understanding, we shall enumerate the strategy on NEET preparation tips, pointwise.

  1. Familiarise Yourself with The NEET Curriculum

Before preparing for NEET, it is important to know the syllabus. Knowing the syllabus will help you recognise the topics that are common in your 11th and 12th grade portions.

Studying these topics in these two years will allow you to spend less time on it for your NEET exam preparation. Consequently, you can dedicate more time on the topics that are not covered in your board examination during your NEET exam preparation.

Also, make sure you use high quality study material for NEET exam preparation. The best books to rely on while preparing for NEET are NCERT 11th and 12th grade textbooks.

However, it is also advisable to refer to other books outside NCERT.

Besides, there are a number of NEET preparation books available online and at your local library.

It is advisable to refer to all these books in order to get a fair idea of the NEET question paper pattern. NEET preparation books are updated from time to time, usually giving you the latest edition.

With updated study material in hand.  It is easier to prepare for the NEET examination.

You can also have a quick glance at the NTA rules, regulations and criteria regarding the conduct of the NEET examinations here.

  1.   Know the Question Pattern of The NEET Examinations

Knowing the question pattern is an important method of how to prepare for the NEET exam. It gives you an insight on what to expect in the examination.

The first step to knowing how to prepare for the NEET exam 2021 is to refer to the NTA guidelines on NEET.

The NEET examination pattern consists of 4 subjects:

Every subject has two sections each:

  • Section A- 35 questions
  • Section B- 15 questions (candidates may attempt any 10 question)

Section A will have a total of 140 marks and Section B will have 40 marks. Totally, the examination will be for a total of 720 marks.

All questions will be multiple choice questions. All answers are to be written on specially designed machine gradable sheets (OMR) using ball point pen. The examination will be for a duration of 3 hours.

  1. Prepare a Timetable and Follow It to The T.

When you prepare a timetable it organises your day. Remember to prepare a realistic timetable that includes good sleep and exercise too.

Overcrowding your timetable with unrealistically long study hours with very little sleep can lead to stress and anxiety in the long run.

There are various ways to reduce exam stress one of them being, to follow a well planned time table.

Divide your time table to include at least 4 to 5 revisions of the entire syllabus. It may sound like a mammoth task, but once you get yourself into the groove of NEET exam preparation, you will notice that it is possible.

Make a visible chart of your timetable and paste it alongside a calendar, on your desk or wall. This practice reminds you time and again that the NEET examination is fast approaching.

Now a question may arise, how many hours of studying is enough for NEET exam preparation? The answer to this is more qualitative than quantitative. Remember, the quality of your study is more important than the amount of time you spend on it.

However, anticipating that the NEET examination is one of the most competitive examinations in the nation, it is ideal to put in around 12 to 13 hours of study in a day.

This may seem like a mammoth task, but with a planned timetable and with frequent breaks, this will no longer be an uphill task.

  1. Ensure All Factors Around You Are Conducive to Learning

One of the ways of how to study for NEET is to consider it like any other challenging examination and give it your best.

Make sure that when you study, you create the perfect atmosphere to study. Trying to study in a noisy environment or with insufficient light and ventilation will just hamper your efforts.

Comfortable seating, sufficient light, optimum temperature and proper ventilation are just some of the tips for students to study.

As NEET is one of the most challenging examinations in India, with only a handful of aspirants making it to the top institutions, you must make sure that you starve your distractions and feed your goals.

Distractions are only going to prove to be an obstacle in the path of your goal. Remember, there are lakhs of students eyeing the single seat in the medical college of your choice.

Thinking of all the other students who are working twice as hard as you, should serve as encouragement and help focus more. Stay focused, ignore the distractions and you will accomplish your goal.

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  1. Solve Previous Years Question Papers and Mock Examinations

question paper

One of the best methods of how to crack NEET is to solve previous years question papers and mock tests. The NTA itself provides online mock tests for NEET aspirants.

Previous years question papers are also available online. Solve them all to get a good idea of the type of questions that appear.

Remember to time yourself while solving mock question papers and practice sheets.

Practice subject wise mock test. This gives you a feel of the real time examination experience and also allows you to prepare yourself better.

Subject wise mock tests also help you to manage your time during the examination. Focusing on the subjects you are strong in can help you answer that portion faster, leaving more time for other portions.

Baked on your performance in these mock tests you will be able to prepare better for the final NEET examination

  1. Prepare Notes as You Study

How to prepare for the NEET exam is a common question amongst young  aspirants. One of the best NEET preparation tips is to make notes while studying. It is one of the best memorising techniques.

Making notes will help you at the revision stage. It serves the purpose of quick reference. Save your notes in a diary or book specifically meant for NEET preparation.

  1. Take Time on The Sections You Are Weak In

NEET is a comprehensive and broad type of examination. The portions of the examinations are vast and all inclusive. There are bound to be chapters that you are familiar with and other chapters which are difficult for you.

In such a case, one of the best NEET preparation tips is to concentrate more on the chapters you are weak in. Preparing harder for what you think you are weak in, gives you self confidence to attempt the section.

  1. Listen to The Interviews and Follow the Suggestions of NEET Toppers

Referring to NEET preparation tips by toppers is an assured way of how to crack NEET.  Study tips from experienced individuals gives you a better understanding of the examination and how to prepare for it.

Here are some links to videos for NEET preparation tips by toppers:

  1. You Cannot Enjoy Wealth Without Good Health

Health is Wealth

If you don’t make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness. What could be worse than breaking down just before your NEET examinations or blacking out during an examination?

Remember to take good care of your health and diet during NEET exam preparation. Follow  a  healthy and balanced diet, with a good combination of proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates.

You can also improve your concentration by eating certain foods that help to boost your memory.

A research article published in the US National Library of Medicine, The National Institutes of Health in 2012 has stated the positive effect of certain foods on mental fitness.

Another related article published in 2012 by the Harvard Health Publishing Harvard Medical School stated that maintaining a certain diet by eating the right kind of food can boost your memory. The same article published a sample of Mediterranean food that preserves memory.

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Whole-grain breads and cereals
  • Beans and nuts
  • Olive oil
  • Very limited red meat
  • No more than four eggs per week
  1. Exercise

Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood. An article published in the London Global University, UCL stated research has shown that physical exercise releases proteins in the brain that can actually help improve your memory and increase your cognitive performance.

This is because the hippocampus, the area of our brain that is involved with retaining information, is incredibly responsive to these proteins.

So whether you’re revising for an exam or listening to a lecture, you’ll be able to take in and retain what you learn much more easily if you have been doing some regular exercise.

Take frequent breaks during your study period. These frequent breaks rejuvenate your body and mind. These small breaks can include a break to spend time with your family, listening to music, watching the news, a small power nap or simply taking a leisurely walk.

It keeps you from getting bored and  helps to retain information. According to Meg Selig, Professor of counseling St Louis Community college, taking breaks is important because

  1. “Movement breaks” are essential for your physical and emotional health.
  2. Breaks can prevent decision fatigue
  3. Breaks restore motivation, especially for long-term goals
  4. Breaks increase productivity and creativity.


Following these NEET preparation tips will be helpful while preparing for the exam. These are some of the methods on how to crack NEET in the first attempt.

good study plan along with overall mental upkeep can do wonders for your NEET preparation. Always remember that your success is dependent on your effort and satisfaction lies in the effort you put in. Full effort is full victory. All the best for your NEET preparation.

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