Top and Best PU Colleges in Udupi 2022-23

List of Top PU Colleges in Udupi. Get details about courses in Science, Commerce and arts streams, Fees structure, course duration, Rankings and more details about top pu colleges in Udupi
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Poornaprajna PU College Udupi

The Poornaprajna PU College Udupi was established in 1960 and has stood the test of time. Over the years the college has only added accolades to its name.
The college was initially started as an arts and commerce college. In 1963, the science stream was added to make it a complete Pre-University College.
The college was founded by His Holiness Vibhudesha Theertha Swamiji. He was known for his contributions to the field of education
Infrastructure and Facilities
The college boasts of a large campus with sufficient building to house the various programs offered by the college.
There are separate hostels for boys and girls. The hostels are provided with all the amenities for a comfortable stay for the students.
The library is a store-house of knowledge. Each department has a separate library with books related to the course. Students are encouraged to use the department libraries and the main libraries for reference.
The laboratories are well equipped and modern. There are separate laboratories for Physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and electronics.
Poorna Prajna PU college has a fully air-conditioned seminar hall with audio visual aids to augment the learning power of students.
The college canteen serves snacks and food at subsidised rates to students
The college offers the following courses as part of its curriculum
PCMB  Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics and Biology
PCMS  Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics and Statistics
PCMC  Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics and Computer Science
PCME  Physics, Chemistry,Mathematics and Electronics
SEBA  Economics,Business Studies, Accountancy and Statistics
BSBA  Business Studies, Accountancy,Statistics, and Basic Mathematics
CSBA  Business Studies, Accountancy, Statistics and Computer Science
The college is regarded as one of the best colleges in Udupi as it has training for CPT, NEET, JEE and CET within the course of PUC.
The college also stresses on the importance of sports physical education and cultural activities.
The college curriculum actively includes these programs under its daily activities. The multipurpose play ground in the campus serves as a field for a number of sports activities like football, cricket, badminton and basketball etc.
PoornaPrajna PU college also encourages students to participate in music dance and drama. Students interested in this field often represent the college in various intercollege activities.


Kadekoppala, Chitpady, Udupi, Karnataka 576101

MGM PU College Udupi

The MGM PU College Udupi was founded by the visionary Dr T.M.A Pai. His goal was to take education to the doorstep of people in Udupi.
The college was started in 1949. The college is a premiere arts, Commerce and Science college. Located at Sagri, the college is close to the Manipal international centre for learning. The mahathma Gandhi memorial PU college is run and managed by the Mahathma Gandhi Memorial Trust.
Infrastructure and Facilities:
The library in poornaprajna college has grown over the years. Initially started in a single room with a capacity of only 1000 books, has now reached more than one lakh. The library is now housed in a bigger building and has 4 separate reading rooms for the students.
There is a botanical garden maintained by the college. The botanical garden is the green centre of the MGM College. The garden has a variety of seeds and saplings. The garden is home to a variety of medicinal herbs and plants.
MGM College has a large food court called Annapurna. The food court serves hygienic, healthy and clean food at subsidized rates to students. The food court has a seating capacity of more than 400 students at a time.
Within the campus, the college has a departmental store. The store caters to all the emergency college needs of the students. The profits from the store are used by the college for needy students and for scholarships.
The PU college has 56 spacious classrooms. And a large computer centre. The computer centre has laptops, computers, printers and scanners.
The college offers the following courses under its Arts, Science and Commerce departments
HEPS  History, Economics, Political Science, Sociology
PCMB  Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology
PCMS  Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics
PCMC  Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science
SEABs  Statistics, Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies
MSABs  Mathematics, Statistics, Accountancy, Business Studies
BSACs  Business Studies, Statistics, Accountancy, Computer Science
BEACs  Business Studies, Economics, Accountancy, Computer Science
Apart from the Pre university courses, the college also offers degree courses and courses in German language and computers. These short duration courses are an added advantage for career opportunities for students.
There is separate department for Physical education. The college encourages physical fitness. The campus has indoor and outdoor sports facilities. There are volleyball, Badminton and basketball courts on the campus.


Udupi-Manipal Hwy, Kunjibettu, Udupi, Karnataka 576102

St Cecilys PU College Udupi

Located in Bhramagiri, Udupi, St Cecily PU College Udupi is regarded as one of the best PU Colleges in Udupi. The colleges offer arts, commerce and science streams.
The college is known for its academic excellence and importance to co scholastic activities. The college has all the modern amenities and facilities for students.
The college has a large auditorium for multipurpose functions held in the college campus. The playground is used for various sports activities and cultural programs held throughout the year.
Students are encouraged to participate in sports activities and represent the college in various competitions. Apart from sports the college students take active interest in arts, dance, music and drama.

The college offers different core subject combinations under Science and Commerce for the students aspiring to take up the admission in this college.


Brahmagiri, Udupi, Karnataka 576101

Sharada PU College Udupi

The Sharada PU College Udupi is a unit of TMA PAI foundation Manipal and Manipal Academy of Higher Education. It is located in Kunjibettu, Udupi. The college has a large and aesthetically designed building that houses the various courses offered by the college.
The college is known for its highly qualified faculty and affordable fee structure. Sharada PU College offers special coaching for JEE/NEET and CET aspirants.
The PU college is safe and secure for students and staff. The campus is under 24 hours security surveillance. The classrooms are spacious. Each department has separate laboratories. The library is well furnished.
Sharada PU College has made the entire communication with parents hitech. Parents can keep a check on their wards through the Sharada mobile app. Parents can track the progress of students through the app.
Sharada PU college offers the following courses to PU aspirants
PCMB  Physics Chemistry Mathematics, Biology
PCMC  Physics Chemistry Mathematics Computer science
BASC Business Studies. Accountancy, Statistics, Computer Science


Kunjibettu, Udupi, Karnataka 576102

Trisha PU College Udupi

The Trisha PU College Udupi is located in Tulsikatte Kalianpur. The college is managed and run by The Thrisha Foundation. The college is recognised by the Pre-University Board-Government of Karnataka.
The college is regarded as one of the top colleges in Udupi for PUC. For the fulfilment of the PU curriculum, the college has a well-stocked laboratory for every department.
The in-campus library is well furnished and has a wide range of books and journals for students reference. The college has excellent facilities for sports and cultural activities.

The college offers multiple core subject combinations for Commerce and Science students.


Tulasikatte Road, Kallianpura Santhekatte, Udupi, Karnataka 576114

    99004 32147

Jnanasudha PU college Udupi

The Jnanasudha PU College Udupi is an initiative of the Ajekar Padma Gopal Education Trust. The college is located in Karkala -Udupi and is regarded as one of the best colleges in Udupi.
The college is surrounded by greenery and has a large appealing campus. The college is known for its natural surroundings.
The library is well stocked and has a large seating capacity that acts as a reading room for students.
The laboratories cater to the needs of the curriculum. The computer Science laboratory has well connected WIFI enabled computers for the benefit of students.
There is a small canteen for snacks at subsidised rates for students.
For sports there is a large multipurpose lush green play ground. The play ground serves as a ground for cultural as well as sport activities. The aesthetically designed buildings of the Jnanasudha PU College is very attractive and comforting for students.
The college offers the Science and commerce stream.
PCMB  Physics Chemistry Mathematics Biology
PCMC  Physics Chemistry Mathematics chemistry
PCMS  Physics Chemistry Mathematics Statistics
EBAS  Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, Statistics
The college offers English as the first language and Sanskrit/ Kannada/ Hindi as the optional choice of second language.


Ganit Nagar, Karkala, Kukkundoor, Karnataka 576117

Jnanaganga PU College Udupi

Located in Moodbelle Udupi, Jnanaganga PU College Udupi is an excellent co-ed college. The college is known for its dedication towards academics and the encouragement to dance, music and drama. The college also gives importance to sports and other cultural activities.
Classrooms are bright and spacious and well ventilated. The college has laboratories as prescribed by the PU Board Government of Karnataka.
The highly experienced faculty is a plus point in the Jnanganga PU College. Utmost importance is given to discipline and academic excellence at Jnanaganga PU College.

The college offers different subject combinations under Science and Commerce stream for the students interested to take up PU education at Jnanaganga PU College Udupi.


Jnanaganga PU College, Nellikatte, Moodubelle, Udupi, Karnataka

Vedavith PU College Udupi

The Vedavith Pu College is managed by the Hanuman Charitable Trust. It is located in Chitpady Udupi district. The Vedavith PU college is recognised by the Pre University Board- Government of Karnataka.
The college is regarded as one of the top colleges of Udupi and is known for its excellent faculty and high standards of academics. Vedavith PU College is also regarded as one of the most disciplined colleges in Udupi.
Vedavith PU college has collaborated with Trisha classes in pursuance of greater academic achievement.

Vedavith PU college Udupi offers the below subject combinations under Science and Commerce for the students

PCMB  Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology
EBAS  Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, Statistics
BSBA  Business Studies, Statistics, Basic Mathematics, Accountancy


Chitpady, Udupi, Karnataka 576101

Anandathirtha PU College Udupi

The Anandathirtha PU College Udupi is the brainchild of the Udupi Pejawara Seer Sri Sri Vishweshathritha Swamiji.
The college is located at Pajaka. Apart from academics, the college emphasis on upliftment through the impartment of core values and Indian culture.
The college offers the Science and Commerce stream
PCMB  Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology
PCMC  Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer Science
EBAS  Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, Statistics
The college boats of an all-inclusive affordable fees with a comprehensive learning structure. Anandathirtha college has spacious classrooms, well stocked library and laboratories.
To encourage communication amongst students, frequent debates and discussions are held from time to time.


Kurkal Village, Udupi Taluk & Dist, Karnataka. P.O. Kunjarugiri – 574105

Vidyodaya PU College Udupi

Regarded as one of the top PU Colleges in Udupi, Vidyodaya PU college Udupi is located at Vadiraja Road, Shri Krishna Temple complex, Udupi. The college is known for its best education practices, excellent faculty and disciplined students.
It is a grade A college under the Pre-University Education Karnataka. The college is well equipped with all modern facilities. Students are also encouraged to participate in co-curricular and sports activities at Vidyodaya PU College.

The college offers different core subject combinations based on the candidates interest under Science and Commerce streams.


Vadiraja Rd, Sri Krishna Temple Complex, Thenkpete, Maruthi Veethika, Udupi, Karnataka 576101

    0820 253 1021

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