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Amazing 18 Free Scholarships for Students in Karnataka

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The What, Who and When of Scholarships

Scholarships are financial aids to students. They can take up more than one form. Financial aid may be given to students as a part or full payment towards tuition fees.

Or it may be given as payment towards hostel or canteen expenses. Whatever the form is, scholarships are meant to aid students in completing their graduation.

Scholarships may be given by Government organisations, private establishments, philanthropists, NGO’s or any other interested party.

They are not only given to students who score high grades in schools or colleges, but there are different criteria for handing out scholarships.

For example, scholarships for a particular community of people, or scholarships for a certain skill.

Likewise, The Government of Karnataka, private institutions, and individuals have come up with various 2 in Karnataka.

These scholarships are particularly offered to students who have their place of domicile in the state of Karnataka.

At times high tuition fees may pose as a detriment to deserving students in the state. These scholarships are meant to overcome the financial burden of fees and eliminate the hardships of these students.

Karnataka is a popular educational destination. To encourage deserving students to achieve success in Karnataka, several groups and State Government organisations offer various free scholarships to students.

List of 18 Free Scholarship Programs Available in Karnataka Is Listed Below:

1. Backward Class Welfare Department Ph.D. Scholarship and Fellowship

The Backward Class Welfare Department Ph.D. scholarship and fellowship is offered by the Backward Class Welfare Department, Government of Karnataka.

The scholarship is offered to students belonging to the backward classes in Karnataka.

Students who wish to apply for this scholarship must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Must be a citizen of India and a resident of Karnataka.
  • Students who belong to the Backward Classes of the Government of Karnataka and should be included in Category -1, 2A, 3A, or 3B may apply for this scholarship.
  • Shall be engaged in a full-time Ph.D. study and should be engaged in statutory universities in Karnataka.
  • The maximum age of the candidate should not be more than 35 years.
  • Only two male children of one family may apply for this scholarship. However, this restriction does not apply to girl applicants.

The scholarship application may be filled and submitted online with the required documents and proof.

However, in case a candidate is unable to submit the applications online, the student may apply at the Backward Class Welfare Department Office in person.

For further information regarding the scholarship, eligibility criteria and other qualifications refer here.

2. National Overseas Scholarship for Minority Community Students

The State Government, through the Directorate of Minorities, has introduced a free college scholarship scheme for providing financial assistance to Minority students of Karnataka State for pursuing higher studies in prestigious foreign universities for Master’s Degree, Ph.D., Post-Doctoral Courses and other courses.

The scholarship is provided for a period of 2 years. The Scholarship is provided for the benefit of students from the minority community who cannot afford to pursue studies in a foreign university.

Students are selected for the scholarship based on eligibility conditions described by the Government department and documents submitted.

3. Backward Class Welfare Department Post Matric/ Vidyasiri Meals & Accommodation / Nursing/ Fee Exemption Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to the Backward class students studying in different post-matric courses after SSLC in recognized institutions and Universities in the state of Karnataka.

Students applying for this scholarship shall not be a recipient of any other scholarship except merit scholarships.

Also, students should not be using the facilities of a Government hostel or Government aided hostel.

For further information refer here.

4. Prabuddha Scheme of Overseas Scholarships for SC/ST Students

The Social Welfare Department of Karnataka under the Karnataka Prabuddha Scheme, students will be selected for undergraduate courses, post-graduate, and doctorate courses.

A student will be eligible to apply for the scheme only once, whether UG, PG, or Ph.D.

Students who wish to apply for this free scholarship will need to attempt the following examinations according to the course taken up by them

Students of Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe communities who want to avail the benefits of the Prabuddha Scheme of Overseas Scholarships will have to pass the following Examination according to their selected course.

  1. Graduate Record Examinations (GRE)
  2. Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)
  3. Scholastic Aptitude/Assessment Test (SAT)

Students may apply online here.

5. Rajiv Gandhi Loan Scholarship Scheme

This free scholarship program was introduced by the Government of Karnataka for the sole purpose that no deserving student shall be denied higher education on the grounds of inability to pay the tuition fees of the course.

The scholarship can be applied online here.

6. Sanchi Homanna Scholarship

The Sanchi Homana Scholarship was introduced in the year 2003 for deserving girl students for pursuing higher education.

7. Sir C.V Raman Student Scholarship

The Sir C.V. Raman Student Scholarship is provided for students to encourage them to pursue courses in the science stream in any Government aided college or university.

8. Kittur Rani Chennama Award

This scheme began in the year 2006. It was meant to encourage girl students, who have finished their studies in the II PUC, pursuing their higher education through CET examination by taking up vocational courses.

If the students fulfill the criteria mentioned here, the government shall repay the amount paid by the student.

For this award from every district, 10 girl students are selected by a committee headed by the District Commissioner.

9. The Incentive for SSLC and 2nd PUC Students

The Government of Karnataka, in 2016 introduced the Incentive for SSLC and 2nd PUC students.

Incentives are given to around 500 students who score the highest marks from both SSLC and PUC streams together.

SSLC students are given an incentive of Rs 10,000/- and PUC students are given an incentive of Rs 20,000/-

10. Post Matric SWD Hostel Registration

The Social Welfare department of the Government of Karnataka offers hostel facilities to students belonging to the Scheduled castes and residing in Karnataka.

11. Pre-Matric Scholarship for Minority Students

The Government offers this free scholarship to the Minority community students who are pursuing education from Class 1st to 10th in any govt./govt. aided/recognized private schools/institutions in Karnataka are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

This scholarship is meant to encourage parents and guardians from the minority community to educate school-going children by minimizing the financial burden.

As this scholarship encourages children from the minority community, it provides scope for levelling the disparity between the haves and the have-nots.

The objective of this scholarship is to provide educational opportunities to the minority community and thereby uplift the economic conditions of the minority community.

For further information on eligibility criteria refer here.

12. Post-Matric Scholarship for Minority Students

The scholarship mainly aims for the upliftment of students belonging to the minority communities, mainly Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsis, and Jains.

This free college scholarship is available to students who have completed basic matriculation, i.e 10th standard. It is available to students from 11th standard up to Ph.D. level.

For further information on guidelines on eligibility criteria refer here.

13. Mphil and Ph.D. Fellowship for Minority Students

The Directorate of Minorities, Government of Karnataka offers scholarships to students from the minority community for courses in Masters in Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy.

The scholarship provides a monthly fellowship amount for students.

The scheme is open to candidates who belong to Minority Community and are pursuing higher studies such as regular, full-time Phil & Ph.D. degrees in Government recognized Institutions.

14. The Merit cum Means Scholarship for Minorities

The Government of Karnataka offers a merit cum Means Scholarship for minorities to provide fair opportunities to the minority community.

Often deserving students miss out on higher education due to financial constraints. This in turn leads to unfair job opportunities at a later stage.

To facilitate deserving minority students, the Government has come up with this free scholarship for students who wish to pursue professional and technical courses at the graduate and postgraduate level.

The guidelines for the criteria for students to apply can be referred from here.

15. The Samagra Shikshana Karnataka Fellowship

The Samagra Shikshana Karnataka Fellowship scholarship is introduced by the Department of Education, Government of Karnataka.

The fellowship program includes activities in the Department of Education and works closely in supporting the design and implementation policies of school education.

Candidates who have at least 3 years’ experience and are not more than 35 years of age are eligible to apply for this fellowship.

The requirement is any post‐graduate or professional degree or any other degree in Social sciences or public policy.

16. Prathibha Puraskar Scholarship For SSLC and PUC

The Karnataka Backward Classes Welfare Department offers the free scholarship, Prathibha Puraskar Scholarship for SSLC and PUC students.

Students domiciled in Karnataka and who have secured a total of 90% and above in the SSLC examinations and 2nd PUC examination are eligible.

17. Special Incentives to B.Ed and D.Ed students

Directorate of Minorities, Government of Karnataka offers special incentives to B.Ed and D.Ed students.

Students belonging to the minority community (Muslim/Christian/Sikh/Buddhist/Jain/Parsi) who are pursuing higher education in B.Ed. and D.Ed. courses are eligible for Special Incentive amounts.

The application form can be downloaded from here.

Eligible candidates must register online first.

After successful online registration, the candidates must take the print out of duly filled in ONLINE APPLICATION FORM which is mailed to your provided E-mail id & submit it along with the required documents at the office of the District Minority Welfare Department of the concerned district (where the college is located).

SSLC Prize Money

The Department of Social Welfare, Government of Karnataka offers special prize money for deserving SC/ST students who have secured exceptional marks in the SSLC 10th standard.

18. Free Training with Accommodation to Minority Students to Join the Indian Army and Other Allied Forces of The Country.

The Government of Karnataka under the department of Minorities offers Free training with accommodation to minority students who wish to join the army and other allied forces.

Students must be domiciled in Karnataka and should be more than 17 years of age and not more than 23 years of age.

Scholarships are designed to cater to deserving students who fulfil all the eligibility criteria.


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