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How To Become More Employable? – Expert Tips for Students

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It is a known fact that the number of graduates and skilled professionals churned out every year is not proportionate to the number of jobs available globally. Getting a job, today is more competitive than it was a couple of decades ago.

The main issue for students these days is how to get noticed by employers. In other words, how to become more employable.

Below are a few pointers that could get you more noticed by prospective employers

Network with People

networking with people

Networking is one of the foremost methods of getting noticed. You need not network with only influential people or people you stand to gain something from. Networking with peers and friends works equally well.

If you are still in college, it’s a good idea to be friendly with everyone. Teachers, professors, and peers alike. Networking with different people gives you a chance to learn from them.

Attending job fairs and being part of clubs is an added advantage. When you attend job fairs, it gives you an idea of what the market looks like.

Being part of certain clubs can help you network better. Toastmasters, JCI are some of the clubs that can help you build strong contacts.

Talking to a lot of people introduces you to different cultures and languages. Discussing their ideas and plans can be a foundation for a concrete structure for your own plans.

Networking is not only about adding contacts but it’s also about planting relations.

Participate in College Activities

Participating in college activities is a step towards answering the question of how to become employable. Take part in college activities, whether they are academically inclined or cultural events.

Both kinds of events serve the same purpose. Participating in programs gives you confidence. You tend to overcome stage fear at a very young age.

This gives you the boost you need to face in an interview at a later stage. Participating and involving yourself in activities can get you as far, if not further, than textbook knowledge.

Involve yourself in teamwork. The outcome of such involvement is twofold. Firstly, your network expands, and secondly, you build great confidence. Teamwork always results in successful ends.

As the famous quote by Henry Ford goes “Coming together is a beginning, Staying together is progress, and working together is a success.”

Be Social Media Active

social media on phone

The whole world is connected. Don’t be left out. The Internet has made an impact on people around the world.

Social media handles have the power to change how the world looks at you. It also has a huge influence on the employment field.

Having a profile on LinkedIn is a useful tool to let people know that you are there. Often, employers or recruiters visit such sites to connect with appropriate profiles.

Update your profile often with even the smallest course or work you have completed. An employer may connect with you if they feel you are an appropriate candidate who fits the job profile well.

Everything you post on social media impacts your brand. Remember to post only how you want to be known by others.

Track Your Own Progress

Create a bucket list of things to do. The list may have tasks and goals which are academically related or not. Whatever it is, every ‘to do’ point on your list is a step towards building a career.

Making a list of goals ensures that you have a plan in mind. Keep ticking off the list as you fulfill each goal.

Treat yourself once a goal has been accomplished. That will encourage you to complete all your goals.

At the same time keep your goals realistic. Setting unrealistic goals can discourage you if you are unable to fulfill them over time.

Jotting down goals helps you to organise yourself.

Be Up To Date 

Keeping abreast with everything around you is one of the foremost methods of how to become employable. Current affairs and general knowledge help you to face tough questions that may be asked during interviews.

Also, keep your resume up to date. Writing a whole new resume every time you complete a course may be time-consuming.

So, it is better to prepare a tidy resume and keep adding to it every time you complete an additional responsibility. Nowadays resumes contain a lot of additional information. Always remember to add your social media handle links to your CV.

Add Information Technology Skills For Extra Advantage

Even if you are not an IT graduate it is always better to have a small IT background for that impressionable advantage. Knowing the working of a computer, Tally, Excel, typing skills, etc are all added advantages for any job type.

These extra skills will make aid in landing you that job. Today, everything is technology-based. From billings to filings, so adding IT skills to your background is a must.

If you do not already have an IT background, you can add these skills by doing short courses throughout the year. The future belongs to those who master IT skills and use them in ways that fit their work.

Be Flexible

If you are willing to relocate to any place for work, that would increase your employability. Being rigid about the location for work may limit your choices.

Keep an open mind about the location change. Locating to a different city or country for work can be an added advantage to your resume.

Trying different cities and countries introduces you to varied cultures and teaches you to adapt. This helps you to mingle with the crowd and up your communication skills.

Little do you know that at the same time you are improving your skills of interaction. Move out of your comfort zone and explore the world.

Be On The Lookout Always

job search

Always be on the lookout for opportunities. Sometimes opportunities don’t knock on your door, you have to knock on opportunities door.

Do not miss out on any opportunity. You never know which one will finally click and give you the break in your career. Do not wait for your ship to sail in, swim out to it.

Another means of how to become employable is to take initiative. Do not hesitate to give suggestions and recommendations to the team.

Always remember you are being watched. Whatever step you take, people notice you. So, it is a good idea to be proactive in your actions.

When you take the initiative without being told, it shows that you have the interest and perseverance in the job you are doing. It makes a good impression. Thereby impressing those who watch you.

This makes you more noticeable by employers and recruiters. Taking initiative is a form of self-empowerment.


It may seem a bizarre viewpoint, but believe it or not, the fact that you have volunteered at any organisation catches the attention of employers. Volunteering means doing a particular job without expecting a return in the form of a salary or any perks.

When you volunteer at any organisation, don’t forget to add it to your resume. You may think that it will not make much of a difference.

However, know it- it makes a world of difference. Volunteering at places shows that you are willing to lend a hand.

An employer who knows that you have volunteered at institutions is aware that you have the drive to do what it takes even without an incentive. These are small points that can go a long way in making you more employable.

Concentrate On College Grades

Although marks and percentages are just one part of the whole process of job hunting, it is an important part. Getting a good percentage in your university examinations looks good on your CV.

Employers, interviewers, and recruiters will notice this part of your resume almost immediately. It is not something that you can omit from your CV.

So, when you know you have to add it, make sure that it looks good. Good grades can be achieved only with hard work and perseverance.

They are two sides of the same coin. Achieve good grades in college to get noticed and thereby be more employable.

Part-Time, Internships and Placements

Landing yourself a part time job or an internship while you are still studying will work well for you at a later stage. Employers often look at work experience while recruiting graduates for the job.

Part-time jobs and internships add to your credentials. From an employer’s point of view, doing a placement or internship means that you have already picked up on the nitty-gritties of a work-life.

This makes it possible to cut out the adjustment period you would need when you join the new company. Consequently, you will be able to immediately deliver results for the company.

The above were a few guidelines on how to become more employable. However, apart from these guidelines, it is important to believe in yourself.

Remember that a positive attitude and hard work can land you anything you want. Dream big, stay positive, and work hard.


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