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Frequently Asked Questions About College Admissions

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  • The article contains a list of questions that may cross your mind while seeking admissions to pre-university or graduate colleges.
  • FAQs from the point of view of students and parents

While seeking admission into a college, it is apparent that you will have many questions that cross your mind. It may be a concrete question like what courses are available? Or a very vague question like how is campus life in the college?

Whatever is on your mind, it is important to have them all sorted out before you start your educational innings. Remember, no question is too silly. Admission into a college is where you lay the foundation for your career ahead.

So, let’s decipher all the questions that may come to your mind and try and conclusively answer each one of them.
For the sake of convenience, we shall divide the article into different sections based on whom or what the question is directed to.

Frequently Asked Questions to Ask Yourself

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Before directing questions to anyone else, you must be clear about what you yourself have in mind. Here are some of the questions to ask yourself

1. What Are My Passions?

This is one of the foremost questions you have to ask yourself. It may appear insignificant, but sometimes it is your passion that takes your career to greater heights.

So, think about your hobbies and passions and try to blend them with your career because if you choose a career that you love, you will never have to work a day in your life.

2. How Can I Improve My Personality?

Your personality is probably the first impression you give others. A pleasing personality is always welcome whether it’s to make an impression at your admission interview or a good impression with your peers.

Today, there are more than one ways to improve your personality. For one, there are many communication development courses available online as well as in-person classes.

Attending these short-term courses can go a long way to build your confidence. More information on communication development courses can be reached through the following links:


When applying to colleges it is helpful to visit the colleges you have shortlisted. While on the campus, you may come across students who are already studying there. Asking those students some questions will help you make a couple of decisions.

Here Are Some Questions You Can Ask a Few Experienced Students

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1. What Are the Most Popular Courses Taken up By the Students in This College?

Knowing what courses are popular in the particular college gives you an idea of what courses are the best. The more students in a particular course in a college generally mean that the course is conducted well in the college.

2. Does the College Encourage Extracurricular Activities?

It is good to get first-hand information from students about co-curricular activities conducted in the college. Co-curricular activities like music, dance and drama are essential for holistic development of the mind and body. A good co-curricular program is another factor that could decide college admissions.

3. Are Professors Approachable?

Having approachable and accessible lecturers and professors is important to students. Usually, every class has more than 30 students, professors are required to teach at the speed of the majority.

Some students may not be able to cope up at the same speed. For this, it is important that professors are individually available to students for guidance, advice and counselling outside the classroom hours.

Questions to Ask College Consultants

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College consultants are experts who help and aid students with their educational planning. College consultants have information on all colleges in your city and even outside.

An experienced consultant can give you a lot more details on the colleges. They can give you an idea of the best courses to pursue with a lot of supporting statistics and data.

When you visit a consultant, you might want to be prepared with what questions to ask a college consultant. Listed below are some important questions you can ask a college consultant.

1. How Do I Find a College that Best Suits My Needs?

One of the most frequently asked questions on college admissions is what kind of college is best suited for your requirements.

Here, your college consultant already has a well-planned database of colleges. A good college consultant will already know which college is the best for a particular course.

Remember to inform your consultant of your interests, hobbies, career plans and financial situation. This information helps your consultant to narrow down the list of colleges that are best suited for you.

2. What Competitive Examinations Should I Prepare For?

Once you have informed the consultant of your interests and career plans, he/ she will be ready to give you advice on the colleges that you should apply to.

However, many colleges have entrance examinations and interviews for prospective students. Enquire with your consultant what examinations you must prepare for and how you should go about it.

3. How Can I Make My College Application Stand Out?

Colleges often require you to fill application forms for admissions. These forms contain a portion for essay writing on why you should be given admission into the college.

Here, your college consultant can guide you on how to write your essay to make it attractive. It is important to note that such essays must express your true self and must never be exaggerated or flowery.

At the same time, it must be unique and stand out from the other applications. Your experienced college consultant can help you write a perfect college application form.

Questions for College Administrators

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College administrators are those representatives that look into administration and admissions to the college. A college administrator will be able to guide you when it comes to making your college decisions.

Below we have listed a few questions to ask college admission representatives:

1. What Is the Eligibility Criteria for The College Admission Process?

One of the questions to ask about the college admission process is the eligibility or necessary qualifications for a student to seek admission in the college.

Some colleges may have different admission procedures. It is better to clarify the procedure otherwise you may end up running from pillar to post at the last minute trying to fulfill all the criteria.

Be sure to note down if the college has a separate entrance exam. If it does, ask the college administrator for a briefing on how to prepare for the same.

2. What Kind of Academic Support Does the College Provide?

Another question to ask college administrators is what kind of academic support does the college provide students?

This is an important question as it pertains to what kind of resources the college provides its students when it comes to accelerating the learning process.

Today, there are more than one methods to accelerate the learning process. Introduction of digital technology in classrooms is just one example.

The college could provide various other options like site visits, hands on learning methods and seminars by experts on the subject.

3. What Scholarships or Aid Is Provided by The College to Help Students?

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This is an important question to ask when choosing a college. Scholarships are aids that help students during their course of studying in a college.

Scholarships can be monetary help like a reduction in fees or a discount on books. A scholarship can take any form as long as it is an aid to a deserving student.

Find out from your college administrators what kind of scholarships are available to students and what is the process and criteria for students to apply for a scholarship.

4. How Does the College Ensure Student Safety on The Campus?

Your safety on campus is a priority. Therefore one of the foremost questions to ask college admission representatives is what measures does the college take to ensure student safety on campus. Remember, you can excel in an environment only where you feel safe and secure.

Keep in mind that ragging is a punishable offence in India. Be sure to ask the college representatives if anti ragging regulations are strictly adhered to on campus and what measures are taken to prevent any untoward incidents on campus. A healthy atmosphere on campus will ensure your holistic development as a student.

5. What Accreditations Does the College Have?

Accreditations refer to licenses or mandates the colleges must compulsorily have in order to conduct a particular course. Many licenses or permits are not compulsory.

However, while seeking admission for higher courses, some colleges or schools stipulate the requirement of certain licenses. Therefore, it is important to take note of the accreditations held by the college.

6. Do You Help Graduates with Placements?

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In the final year of graduation, colleges often train students for campus placements. Many colleges organise workshops and seminars for interested students.

Some colleges also train students when it comes to building communication skills and facing interviews. You can ask the college administrators if there is a placement cell in the college and what programs they conduct to help with placements after graduation.

7. What Companies Are Invited for Campus Recruitments?

Campus placements or campus recruitments are important when it comes to building a career. A job through campus placements usually holds a better weightage than otherwise.

Find out the companies and organisations that are invited to the campus for recruitment. The better the companies, the better for you.

8. Why Should I Join This College? What Makes It Different from The Rest?

With so many good colleges springing up in every corner, you need to find a college that stands out from the rest.

Ask the administrator what is special about the college that makes it better than the rest. You can find out if the college offers students some extra facilities.

9. What Are the Options to Pay the Fees?

Nowadays, fees for certain courses are sky-high. However, some colleges provide various fee discounts or easy payment installments for students.

Enquire about these fee payment options that will ease your financial burden.

10. How Does the College Conduct Classes?

With the advent of the internet, some colleges have introduced hybrid systems of learning. Hybrid learning refers to the system where classes will be a combination of online as well as in-person classes.

You can ask the administrators what kind of options the college offers and what best suits your preference.

11. Is There Accommodation Provided Within the Campus?

Hostels or accommodations are important if you are not a day scholar. Find out from the college administration representatives about the accommodation available from the college.

If you are looking for accommodation outside the college, many college administrators will be able to guide you with nearby hostel information.

12. What Language Options Are Available in The Curriculum?

Seeking admission to pre-university colleges in India involves selecting a second language. One of the important questions to ask college administrators is what language options are available to students?

Often, colleges offer the official language Hindi and the state language as language options. Some colleges also offer Sanskrit or foreign languages as second language options.

Be sure to note beforehand what languages the college offers. If the college does not offer the language you prefer, you may enquire if you can select a language of your choice and pursue it personally with the permission of the college.

Though this involves a lot of paperwork for the permission, you can enquire about the procedure.



Though the above list of questions is not an exhaustive list, it can be very helpful to refer to the above frequently asked questions for college admissions.

Here are some more questions you can refer to:

  • What are the transport facilities the college provides?
  • Does the college encourage a cosmopolitan atmosphere?
  • Is there any tutoring program available in the college?
  • Are sports popular?
  • Does the college have wifi and high-speed internet facilities?
  • What are the facilities available on campus like laboratories, gymnasium and library?

Always remember that you never get what you wish for. you get what you work for. So, work hard and aim for the college you want. Keep going and everything will come to you at the perfect time.

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