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Planning Your GMAT Strategy

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The Graduate Management Admission Test or the GMAT, as it’s popularly called, is part of the process for admissions into business schools. It consists of multiple-choice questions that are computer read.

Business schools around the world consider your GMAT scores while offering admission to courses. The higher the GMAT scores the higher your admission chances.

GMAT is a common test attempted by students all over the world for admission into business schools. Business schools consider GMAT scores important because it is a “to the point” test and not an inflated letter of recommendation or work experience letter.

Therefore, it is inevitable that you have to be well prepared for your GMAT. Below we have enumerated certain GMAT study tips that you could follow

GMAT assesses your power over branches of mathematics and English grammar. It also evaluates your analysing capacity and critical thinking power. The power of reasoning is put to test in GMAT.

There are four parts in GMAT question papers

  • Analytical Writing Assessment
  • Integrated Reasoning
  • Quantitative
  • Verbal

Though every section tests your analytical power of thinking and reasoning, the sections are distinct from one another.

Each section deals with different subjects and tests your ability to analyse each field individually. Some topics  covered under GMAT are data analysis, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, English comprehension, sentence corrections among other topics.

GMAT scores are Computer generated. This means that the computer senses your ability based on questions answered and provides you with appropriate level questions throughout the test period.

How Tough Is GMAT?

GMAT is challenging, but with the right strategy, you can pass this one too. GMAT is tough because it is a computer adaptive test.

This means that you have to go in order.  You cannot attempt easier ones and come back for the tougher ones.

Best Ways to Study for GMAT

Browse Around

Person browsing the internet

Your first step GMAT preparation tip is to browse the internet. Search for any information you can get on GMAT. Follow interviews of students who have GMAT scores, or just browse to get a feel of the examination.

While you browse the internet, you get a feel of what the exam is all about. You can clear your misconceptions about the test. This gives you a clearer picture of the GMAT.

Browsing through the internet also gives you a picture of the subjects you need to concentrate on.

Free Online Tests

There are several free GMAT tests available online. The Graduate Management Admission Council, who are the original drafters of the GMAT test papers, provides several practice papers online for free.

It is advisable to attempt these free online practice papers to get an idea of what the GMAT test is all about.

Practice makes man perfect and it holds for GMAT too. Attempting practice papers gets you ready for the real deal.

Plan Your Timetable

Another effective GMAT prep strategy is to plan your study timetable. One of the reasons GMAT is considered tough is because it is a universal test that caters to a larger section of students.

It is not a country-specific test. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare well for this test. Plan your timetable such that it covers all the portions before the test. Dedicate ample time before the test for your studies.

Speak to The Experienced

conversation among students

If you know someone who has just attempted the GMAT exams or someone you know who has a high GMAT score, taking tips from them would be a great idea.

Experience always counts. You can ask them what resources they used to prepare for the GMAT examinations.

It is also a good idea to become members of GMAT forums or discussion groups. Through these chat groups, you get to know the GMAT perspective from others’ points of view.

You get to learn no theories and methods on how to crack the examinations. Keep in touch with other students who are preparing for the same test.

Time Is the Essence

In all these tests, time is of great essence. Time is crucial. Being able to answer the questions within the stipulated time is tough.

While you prepare for the GMAT exams, try to time yourself. Try to train yourself to answer within the given time. This prepares you for the actual GMAT test.

While attempting practice papers, adhere to the time. This is how you train yourself to work within the given time.

Demarcate Your Area for Studying

One of the best ways to study for GMAT is to have a designated space. Make sure that your study area is conducive to learning. Do not get distracted.

Preparing for GMAT is crucial. Inform those around you of your plans. This way they know you should not be disturbed.

Start in Advance

be prepared written in a hoarding

Another GMAT exam tip is to start preparing for it well in advance. Ideally, as a student, you must start preparing for GMAT at least six to seven months in advance.

Giving your self a 6-month preparation period allows you to cover all subjects and gives you ample time to attempt several practice papers.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

Since you have started your preparation six to seven months in advance, it gives you ample time to cover each topic. Study each topic under one heading.

Cover one section at a time, namely Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, and Verbal.

Do Not Be Afraid to Attempt Again

You must be mentally prepared to attempt the GMAT again if your scores aren’t too high. Many students do well the second time around.

If your scores are not very high on the first attempt, do not feel dejected.

Positive Attitude

I can do it


Though you are aware that GMAT is a challenging exam, keep in mind that you can and will do it. Having a positive attitude is in itself a winning situation.

Refresher Courses

Last but not least, once you have finished preparing for the GMAT and you are all set to take up the exam, it is a good idea to take up a short refresher course.

These courses give you a quick glimpse into the portions you have already covered, thereby refreshing your memory once again.

These are just a few guidelines for your GMAT preparation strategy. The key is to remain focused on the task at hand and plan out your study course.

The next step is to attempt as many practice papers as possible. Practice makes you well prepared for the final show.

Keep calm and GMAT on!!!



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